Sweets From a Stranger

Stock Number
SP 4899
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1982
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Out Of Touch 00:03:50
2 I Can't Hold On 00:03:34
3 Points Of View 00:04:13
4 Stranger Than the Stranger On the Shore 00:03:18
5 Onto the Dance Floor 00:03:38
6 When the Hangover Strikes 00:04:31
7 Black Coffee In Bed 00:06:12
8 I've Returned 00:02:36
9 Tongue Like a Knife 00:04:10
10 His House Her Home 00:03:25
Personnel Role
Butch Yates assistant engineer
Del Newman arranger
Don Snow keyboards
Don Snow vocal
Elvis Costello vocal
Frank DeLuna mastering
Gilson Lavis drums
John Bentley bass
John Bentley vocal
Mike Putland photography