"Squeeze was a quality group that always had interesting material. They did well, and sold records for years as catalog, but we never sold with them what we wanted to: 'Tempted' came close, and 'Black Coffee In Bed' was great, but they never gave us that one big song. Still, they were a clever, tremendous band that would make any label proud to have them, as we were."--Jerry Moss

Squeeze's first album was released as U.K. Squeeze because there was another band in the U.S. named Squeeze.

Greatest Hits presss release

Recording Years / Label
1978-1998 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Chris Difford guitar, vocals
Gilson Lavis drums
Glenn Tilbrook guitar, keyboards, vocals
Harry Kakouilli bass
John Bentley bass
Jools Holland keyboards
Keith Wilkinson bass
Paul Carrack keyboards, vocals
Name Birth Death
Chris Difford 1954-11-04
Gilson Lavis 1951-06-27
Glenn Tilbrook 1957-08-31
Harry Kakouilli
John Bentley 1951-04-16
Jools Holland 1955-01-24
Keith Wilkinson 1958-06-11 1999-07-17
Paul Carrack 1951-04-22
Name See associated acts
Chris Difford Difford & TilbrookU.K. Squeeze
Glenn Tilbrook Difford & TilbrookU.K. Squeeze
Harry Kakouilli True Life Confessions
Jools Holland Klark KentU.K. SqueezeJools Holland