Sacred Love - Sting

Stock Number
602498 605158
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2003-9 -22
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
3 Whenever I Say Your Name 00:05:25
8 This War 00:05:29
9 The Book Of My Life 00:06:15
6 Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) 00:03:56
2 Send Your Love 00:04:38
11 Send Your Love 00:03:15
10 Sacred Love 00:05:43
5 Never Coming Home 00:04:58
1 Inside 00:04:46
7 Forget About the Future 00:05:12
4 Dead Man's Rope 00:05:43
Credit Sort ascending Role
Vinnie Colaiuta drums
Vincente Amigo guitar
Victor Calderone producer
Valerie Denys castanets
Tam Fairgrieve production manager
Sting bass
Sting clarinet
Sting guitar
Sting keyboards
Sting producer
Steve Miller mix
Simon Osborne engineer
Simon Osborne mix
Richard Frankel design
Rhani Krija percussion
Paolo Roversi photography
Mary J. Blige vocal
Mark Eldridge assistant engineer
Mark Eldridge keyboards
Mark Eldridge producer
Manu Katche drums
Levon Minassian doudouk
Levon Minassian dudek
Lance Ellington background vocal
Katreese Barnes background vocal
Joy Rose background vocal
Jeff Young organ
Jason Rebello piano
Jacqueline Thomas cello
Donna Gardier background vocal
Donal Hodgson engineer
Dominic Miller guitar
Dave Hartley arranger
Dave Hartley piano
Dave Aude remix
Danny Dunlap bass
Clark Gayton trombone
Christian McBride double bass
Chris Botti trumpet
Chris Blair mastering
Choeur de Radio France background vocal
Bahija Rhapi background vocal
Aref Durvesh tabla
Anoushka Shankar sitar
Ada Dyer background vocal

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