Days Of Open Hand - Suzanne Vega

Stock Number
395 293
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1990
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
1 Tired Of Sleeping 00:04:22
6 Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace) 00:03:09
3 Rusted Pipe 00:04:16
7 Room Off the Street 00:03:00
9 Predictions 00:04:59
11 Pilgrimage 00:05:10
2 Men In a War 00:04:47
5 Institution Green 00:06:15
10 Fifty-Fifty Chance 00:02:36
4 Book Of Dreams 00:03:22
8 Big Space 00:03:48
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tim Baker violin
Suzanne Vega background vocal
Suzanne Vega guitar
Suzanne Vega hand claps
Suzanne Vega producer
Suzanne Vega synthesizer
Suzanne Vega vocal
Shawn Colvin background vocal
Sandra Park violin
Rebecca Schatz viola
Philip Glass arranger
Percy Jones bass
Patrick McCarthy engineer
Pat Dillett assistant engineer
Michael Visceglia bass
Michael Blair cymbal
Michael Blair marimba
Michael Blair percussion
Michael Blair shaker
Michael Blair tambourine
Maria Kitsopoulos cello
Marc Shulman bouzouki
Marc Shulman E-bow
Marc Shulman guitar
Kurt Munkasci engineer
Jon Goldberger assistant engineer
John Linnell accordion
Jeff Lippay assistant engineer
Hugh Padgham mix
Hae-Young Ham violin
Geoff Keehn engineer
Fred Zlotkin cello
Frank Vilardi cymbal
Frank Vilardi drums
Frank Vilardi percussion
Frank Vilardi shaker
Frank Vilardi tom ton
Eugene Nasasti assistant engineer
Eric Sanko bass
Bob Ludwig mastering
Barry Finclair violin
Anton Sanko guitar
Anton Sanko harmonium
Anton Sanko organ
Anton Sanko producer
Anton Sanko programming
Anton Sanko synthesizer
Al Brown viola

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