Nine Objects Of Desire - Suzanne Vega

Stock Number
POCM 1190
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1996-9 -11
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
8 World Before Columbus 00:03:26
11 Tombstone 00:03:04
6 Thin Man 00:03:38
4 Stockings 00:03:31
7 No Cheap Thrill 00:03:09
12 My Favorite Plum 00:02:48
9 Lolita 00:03:34
10 Honeymoon Suite 00:02:56
2 Headshots 00:03:07
5 Casual Match 00:03:10
3 Caramel 00:02:53
1 Birth-day (Love Made Real) 00:03:36
Credit Sort ascending Role
Ted Falcon strings
Tchad Blake engineer
Tchad Blake mix
Tchad Blake whistle
Suzanne Vega guitar
Suzanne Vega vocal
Steve Donnelly guitar
Sebastian Steinberg bass
Pete Thomas drums
Mitchell Froom horn arrangement
Mitchell Froom keyboards
Mitchell Froom producer
Mitchell Froom string arrangement
Matthew Pierce strings
Mark Feldman strings
John Paterno assistant engineer
Joe Warda assistant engineer
Jerry Marotta drums
Jerry Marotta percussion
Jeri Heiden art direction
Jeri Heiden design
Jane Scarpantoni cello
Husky Hoskokis assistant engineer
Don Byron clarinet
David Seltzer photography
Dave Douglas trumpet
Cecilia Sparacio flute
Bruce Thomas bass
Bob Ludwig mastering
Albert Sanchez photography

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