99.9F - Suzanne Vega

Stock Number
31458 8051
A&M Records
United States
CD single.
Released: 1992
Recording Notes
Picture sleeve
Credit Sort ascending Role
Tchad Blake engineer
Tchad Blake guitar
Tchad Blake mix
Suzanne Vega art direction
Suzanne Vega guitar
Suzanne Vega vocal
Steven Holroid assistant engineer
Steve Rosenthal engineer
Steve Holroyd assistant engineer
Sid Page 1st violin
Ronald Fierstein executive producer
Robert Morris artwork
Richard Pleasance guitar
Nick Fountain engineer
Mitchell Froom keyboards
Mitchell Froom producer
Mitchell Froom string arrangement
Michael Visceglia fretless bass
Melodie McDaniel photography
Maria Newman viola
Marc Shulman bouzouki
Len Peltier art direction
Len Peltier design
Larry Corbett cello
Kevin Howlett producer
Kamil Vojnar artwork
John Paterno assistant engineer
Joel Derouin 2nd violin
Jerry Scheff bass
Jerry Marotta drums
Jerry Marotta percussion
Jean Krikorian design
Greg Smith baritone sax
Edward Douglas assistant engineer
David Hidalgo guitar
Dave Cook assistant engineer
Dave Collins digital edit
Dave Collins edit
Bruce Thomas bass
Bob Ludwig mastering

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