Sessions At West 54th - Suzanne Vega

Stock Number
602445 400522
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2022-2 -4
Track Track Title Sort descending Track Time
3 Caramel 00:02:55
7 Cracking 00:03:07
2 Gypsy 00:04:31
6 Luka 00:03:17
1 Marlene On The Wall 00:03:20
4 Small Blue Thing 00:04:06
5 World Before Columbus 00:03:26
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Heick clarinet
Anton Sanko synthesizer
Brian Vibberts assistant engineer
Bruce Thomas bass
C. P. Roth synthesizer
Cecilia Sparacio flute
Charlie Giordano accordion
Dave Douglass trumpet
Don Byron clarinet
Frank Gravis bass
Garo Yellin cello
Jeb Brien executive producer
Jeri Heiden art direction
Jeri Heiden design
Jerry Marotta drums
Jerry Marotta percussion
Jon Gordon guitar
Lenny Kaye producer
Michael Visceglia bass
Mitch Easter co-producer
Mitch Easter guitar
Mitchell Froom arranger
Mitchell Froom keyboards
Mitchell Froom producer
Monica Hardiman compilation producer
Paul Dugan bass
Pete Thomas drums
Pete Thomas percussion
Rod O’Brien engineer
Ronald Fierstein executive producer
Roy Simmons assistant engineer
Ryan Hewitt assistant engineer
Sebastian Steinberg bass
Shelly Yakus mix
Stephen Ferrera drums
Stephen Ferrera percussion
Steve Addabbo background vocal
Steve Addabbo engineer
Steve Addabbo guitar
Steve Addabbo producer
Steve Donnelly guitar
Sue Evans drums
Suzanne Vega guitar
Suzanne Vega vocal
Tchad Blake mix

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