Simplicity - Tim Curry

Stock Number
AMLH 64830
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1981
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
1 Working on My Tan 00:04:08
5 Take Me, I'm Yours 00:03:52
9 Summer in the City 00:03:05
3 Simplicity 00:04:17
2 She's Not There 00:02:22
8 Out Of Pawn 00:03:42
4 On a Roll 00:02:49
10 I Put a Spell on You 00:03:31
6 Dancing in the Streets 00:03:00
7 Betty Jean 00:03:20
Credit Sort ascending Role
Ula Hedwig background vocal
Noel Alphonso drums
Michael Kamen arranger
Michael Kamen keyboards
Michael Kamen oboe
Michael Kamen producer
Lynn Robb design
Laurel Masse background vocal
John Siegler bass
Joel Newman guitar
Jimmy Maelen percussion
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
Howard Johnson baritone sax
Hank Crawford alto sax
Gui Andrisano background vocal
Edo photography
Earl Slick guitar
Dian Sorel background vocal
David Sanborn alto sax
David Newman tenor sax
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chris Tergesen engineer
Chris Tergesen remix
Charlie Miller trumpet
Bryant Montiro guitar
Bob Ludwig mastering
Art Baron trombone

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