A&M Records Bibliography

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Bibliography Published
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A&M Sued Over Charity X-mas LP. Dave DiMartino. Billboard, 99:6. 1987-11-7
Big Labels Wary of Mini-CDs As A&M Plans Push. Geoff Mayfield. Billboard, 99:1. 1987-11-21
John McClain Creates Solid Gold Money-Makers. Alfred Edmond, Jr. Black Enterprise, 18:54. 1987-11
New Superstar Christmas LP Due. Fred Goodman. Rolling Stone, 16. 1987-10-22
Charity Album Becomes Mired in Controversy. Rick Wartzman. Wall Street Journal, 33-35. 1987-10-28
The Pop Life (A Very Special Christmas). Stephen Holden. New York Times. 1987-9-30
A&M Records Biography: Ed Stasium. A&M Records. 1987-8
Once Was a Time: Sharing the 60's. Patricia Leigh Brown. New York Times. 1987-7-11
A&M Staffers Wish Label Happy 25th At Global Meet. Dave DiMartino. Billboard, 99:6. 1987-7-11
A&M Cuts Prices for Fall Promo. Jim McCullaugh. Billboard, 51. 1987-7-18
A&M's 25th Annual Worldwide Meet. Billboard, 33. 1987-7-18
Twin/Tone, A&M In Pact. Dave DiMartino. Billboard, 3. 1987-7-18
A&M Titles Discounted In Japan. Billboard, 62. 1987-7-25
25 Years of A&M. Stephen Holden. New York Times, C24. 1987-6-10
A Swan Song for the Fabled 45? Record Firms Switching to Short-Play Cassettes. Philadelphia (PA) Daily News. 1987-6-19
25th Anniversary of Record Label: A&M Celebrates Independence. Steve Pond. Los Angeles Times, VI, 1:4. 1987-6-25
Alpert Gives Toot for 25 Years of A&M. Chicago Sun Times. 1987-6-27
Alpert's A&M Records Celebrates 25 Years of Recording Success. Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution. 1987-6-27
A&M Prepares for First Worldwide Meet. Dave DiMartino. Billboard, 3. 1987-6-27
BET, A&M In Benefit. Billboard, 92. 1987-6-27
Deal Down Under (photo). Billboard, 74. 1987-6-20
Aussie Festival Label Champions Cassette Single. Glenn A. Baker. Billboard, 68. 1987-5-2
A&M Bows Midline CD Series. Dave DiMartino. Billboard. 1987-5-23
A&M Hires 50 Inner City Youths. Los Angeles Times, VI, 1:2. 1987-4-17
A&M Backs Job Program for Inner-City Youth. Dave DiMartino. Billboard, 99:5. 1987-4-25
Major Labels Step Up Promo CD Service to Radio. Steve Gett. Billboard, 86. 1987-3-14
Hollywood Freeway, and Afterward, It Was Just Party, Party, Party. Los Angeles Daily News. 1987-2-25
A&M Close to Acquisition of Roulette Records, Big 7. Billboard, 98:70. 1987-1-17
A&M May Buy Big 7, Roulette; Pubbery Is Considered a Plum. Variety, 325:220. 1987-1-21
A&M Bows First Dance Club CD Release. Brian Chin. Billboard, 99:34. 1987-1-31
Artist Panel Tackles Wide-Ranging Topics. Chris Morris. Billboard, 98:41-2. 1986-12-13
Stretching Pop Format Parameters. Carol Cooper. Billboard, 98:9. 1986-12-13
A&M Staffers Are In Stores Now. Chris Morris. Billboard, 98:5. 1986-12-27
Labels Increasing Service of Promo-Only CDs. Steve Gett. Billboard, 12. 1986-11-15
The World Of Gospel Music: Together For a Cause. Moira McCormick, H. C. Hicks et al. Billboard, 97:61. 1986-10-19
Chart Beat. Paul Grein. Billboard, 6. 1986-10-25
A&M Records Biography: Don Dixon. A&M Records. 1986-10
Black Music Special Feature. Billboard, B-10. 1986-9-27
Polygram, A&M Cement Relationship. Billboard, 98:68. 1986-9-27
A&M Will Follow Warner's Lead In Raising CD Royalty. Variety, 324:109. 1986-8-13
Capturing That Moment (photo). Billboard, 4. 1986-8-16
Serial 12-Inches Revive Hits. Brian Chin. Billboard, 98:39. 1986-8-16
RCA/Ariola Sold on Cassette 4x12s. Geoff Mayfield. Billboard, 1. 1986-8-23
A&M Links With Canyon. Billboard, 98:86. 1986-7-5
A&M's Latin Division Grows From Alpert's "Roots." Enrique Fernandez. Billboard, 98:23. 1986-7-5
City of Hope Recipients. Billboard, 98:4. 1986-7-5
A&M Records Promotion Staff List. Billboard. 1986-7-12
Great Promotion (Friesen, Minor photo). Billboard, 70. 1986-7-12
Who Picks the Hits? A Day in the Life of a Dallas-Area Record Promoter. Dallas Morning News. 1986-6-19
Soundtrack Fastland Already Facing Congestion As Labels Strengthen Crossover Links In Marketing Chain. C. McGowan. Billboard, 98:34. 1986-6-21
Soundtrack Highlights of 1985-86. Paul Grein. Billboard, 98:S-12. 1986-6-21
U.K. '86: Luminaries From the Summit. N. Hunter. Billboard, 98:UK-3, 8. 1986-6-28
Gil Friesen: A&M Records' Hot President Plays It Cool. Bud Scoppa. Musician, 116:22. 1986-6
Vox Jox: A&M Mails Promo-Only CD. Kim Freeman. Billboard, 98:12. 1986-5-3
Senate to Investigate Record Payola. Beacon Journal. 1986-4-3
A&M Ties Shortform Titles to Charts. Tony Seideman. Billboard, 98:49. 1986-4-5
Little Is Known Yet About Payola Probes. Miami Herald. 1986-4-19
2 Record Concerns Join Promoter Curb. New York Times. 1986-3-4
CBS Records to Cut Use of Independents Follows Reports of Mob Role at Promoters. San Jose Mercury News. 1986-3-5
A&M Severs Tie With Independent Promoters. Los Angeles Times, LAT, VI, 1:6. 1986-3-6
CBS, A&M, PolyGram Join Promoter Boycott. Daily News of Los Angeles. 1986-3-6
CBS, PolyGram, A&M Drop Independent Promoters. Lexington Herald Leader. 1986-3-6
Three More Major Record Firms Drop Independent Promoters. Miami Herald. 1986-3-6
Industry Worry Hurts Independent Promoter. Martin Merzer. Miami Herald, 22A. 1986-3-9
CBS, PolyGram, A&M Halt Use of Inside Promoters. H. Schipper. Variety, 322:151. 1986-3-12
Sly Stone to Rock Again, Now On A&M. Nelson George. Billboard, 98:63. 1986-3-15
Grammy Celebration (photo). Billboard, 86. 1986-3-22
A&M Gives Green Light to 'Pink' Campaign. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 98:4. 1986-2-15
A&M, Capitol Testing New CD Box. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 1. 1986-2-22
A&M, Beggar's Banquet Campaign for New Age Music In Britain. Variety, 322:79. 1986-1-29
Record Companies Challenge Market Conditions with Sound Economics and National Talent Strategy. C. Agudela. Billboard, 98:M-26. 1985-12-14
Inspirational Sounds Hit the Dance Floor. Nelson George. Billboard, 97:57. 1985-11-2
Lost In the Stars--the Music of Kurt Weill (SP5104). Billboard, 97:78. 1985-11-9
Gospel Lectern. Bob Darden. Billboard, 97:53. 1985-11-16
Music Videos. Billboard. 1985-11-23
MCA; A&M Reject Sticker Plan of RIAA; Fear of Retailer Backlash. H. Schipper. Variety, 320:141. 1985-10-2
Religious Artists Cross Over to Pop Labels. Los Angeles Daily News. 1985-10-18
The World Of Gospel Music: Together For a Cause. Moira McCormick et al. Billboard, 97:61. 1985-10-19
Moss Open to Nashville Crossover. Edward Morris. Billboard, 97:65. 1985-10-26
Northern California Indie Puts Together Winning Team. Peter Holden. Cash Box, 9. 1985-9-14
A&M's Friesen Is Electro Sound Keynoter. Steven Dupler. Billboard, 39. 1985-8-3
Quality Planners (Friesen photo). Billboard. 1985-8-17
A&M Records Prez Sees Plunge In Use of Pop Music Soundtracks. H. Schipper. Variety, 319:65. 1985-7-3
Kareem Courting A&M For Shot As Supremo Of His Own Jazz Label. Variety, 319:64. 1985-7-3
A&M Adds Corson. Cash Box, 8. 1985-7-20
A&M Execs in Cross-Country Tour Visits to 40 Black Radio Stations. Nelson George. Billboard, 97:49. 1985-7-20
Carter Gives Up Producing for A&M Post. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 97:44. 1985-6-1
International Viewpoint. M. Hennessey. Billboard, 97:9. 1985-6-8
A&M's McClain Brews Urban-Pop Mix. Steven Ivory. Billboard, 97:55. 1985-6-22
The Word from Friesen, Quincy Jones. Fred Goodman. Billboard, 3. 1985-4-13
International Viewpoint. Mike Hennessey. Billboard, 9. 1985-4-27
Letters to the Editor (CD Radio Service). Billboard, 10. 1985-3-2
Latin Stars Teaming for Charity Single. Paul Grein. Billboard, 4. 1985-3-30
A&M Cuts European Ties with CBS.. Mike Hennessey. Billboard, 3. 1985-2-9
Lectern (Word Records and A&M Agreement). Bob Darden. Billboard, 97:66. 1985-2-16
Evangelical Pop a Hit of the Record Business. Stephen Holden. New York Times, C17. 1985-2-20
Petra, Grant Albums Will Kick Off Word/A&M Pact. Sam Sutherland. Billboard. 1985-1-12
A&M Ends Deal With CBS Europe. Los Angeles Times, IV, 2:3. 1985-1-30
IRS Ankles A&M, Seeks New Distrib. Variety, 317:122. 1984-12-12
A&M, IRS to End Marketing Ties. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 3. 1984-12-15
A&M Records Biography: Mitch Easter. A&M Records. 1984-12
Prickly Promotion (photo of A&M NY staff). Billboard, 53. 1984-11-24
A&M Starts Film Music Dept. to Increase Exploitation of Pix. Variety, 316:431. 1984-10-3
A&M Records Biography: Kenny Vance. A&M Records. 1984-10
A&M Records Biography: Keith Forsey. A&M Records. 1984-8
A&M Act On Tour Via Video. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 96:4. 1984-4-7
Inside Track. Billboard, 74. 1984-4-7
Chrome for All A&M Cassettes. Steven Dupler. Billboard, 96:1. 1984-4-28
Chrysalis, A&M On Lookout for New Directors. Clint Goldman. Back Stage, 25:38. 1984-3-2
A&M Records Biography: Rupert Hine. A&M Records. 1984-1
DeVorzon Wins $214G in Nadia's Theme Suit Against A&M Records. Variety, 313:75. 1983-11-9
Changes At A&M. Cash Box, 10. 1983-11-12
A&M Introduces Audiophile Line (Audio Masters Plus). Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 95:4. 1983-10-29
DeVorzon Wins A&M Contract Suit. John Sippel. Billboard, 95:4. 1983-10-29
Chart Beat. Paul Grein. Billboard, 6. 1983-8-13
Music Video Turns On the Industry. Ed Levine. New York Times. 1983-8-21
Spinning Minis and New Sales. Ed Levine. New York Times. 1983-8-21
Windham Hill Signs With A&M: Marketing, Promotion, Distribution. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 95:18. 1983-8-29
Australian Invasion Doesn't Begin or End with Men At Work. Cary Darling. Billboard, A-10. 1983-5-28
Bergamo Wants Distrib "Alliance" Between MCA, A&M, Capitol; Says Talks Have Yet to Start. Cynthia Kirk. Variety, 310:73. 1983-4-13
A&M Keeps Big Apple Polished. Roman Kozak. Billboard. 1983-3-19
Sales of Records On the Rise. Sandra Salmans. New York Times. 1983-3-29
First Quarter Releases: New Acts Crowd the Field. Roman Kozak. Billboard, 95:18. 1983-1-29
Pabst, Record Firm Supporting Howard Johnson's College Gigs. A. Davis. Amusement Business, 94:1. 1982-12-4
Talent in Action (Top Disco/Dance Labels). Billboard, TA-36. 1982-12-25
Record Companies Market Promise of New Technology. Cary Darling. Billboard, WC-8. 1982-11-6
IRS, A&M Staffs Join in Push for English Beat. Moira McCormick. Billboard, 66. 1982-11-13
A&M Holds Affiliates' Meet. Billboard, 58. 1982-10-2
A&M Looking Down Under. Cary Darling. Billboard, 10. 1982-10-23
A&M Marks 20 Years of Chart Success. Paul Grein. Billboard, 6. 1982-10-30
A&M Records Biography: David Kershenbaum. A&M Records. 1982-10
A&M Begins Charging Cablers For Use of Its Promo Videos. Cynthia Kirk. Variety, 308:77. 1982-9-1
A&M Charging for Duplication of Promo Clips. Billboard, 94:4. 1982-9-4
A&M To Release Supertramp on $8.98 on Chrome. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 94:1. 1982-9-25
Girod Appointed. Cash Box, 12. 1982-8-14
Stones Pace Group Pack; A&M's British Connection. Paul Grein. Billboard, 6. 1982-7-3
Faulty Products: IRS Indie Option. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 94:12. 1982-7-17
A&M Awards Scholarship. Billboard, 10. 1982-7-31
A&M Targets Cassettes In Sales Program. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 94:4. 1982-7-31
RCA, A&M Hike Prices. Billboard. 1982-6-19
Did RCA Roll Back Price Hike? Irv Lichtman. Billboard, 94:1. 1982-6-26
RCA, A&M Up Midline Price. Billboard. 1982-5-1
RCA, A&M Increase Midline Prices. Cash Box, 10. 1982-5-8
A&M Expands "Radio-Free" Drive Label Says Armatrading Campaign Showed the Way. Sam Sutherland. Billboard, 6.94:6. 1982-5-15
Alpert and Moss NARM Award (photo). Billboard. 1982-4-10
A&M Fetes Its Grammy Winners. Record World, 42. 1982-3-13
E-A, Alpha Latest to Bow Midlines. Variety, 306:77. 1982-2-17
A&M Promotes Oken, Record World, 10. 1982-2-27
A&M Revives $6.98 LP List for New Acts. Billboard, 5. 1982-1-16
A&M, Chrysalis, Join 'Gift of Music' Push. Record World, 3. 1981-12-5
A&M Taps Miller. Record World, 10. 1981-12-12
A&M Promotes Frazier. Record World, 50. 1981-11-7
A&M Sues EMI Over Royalty $. Billboard, 93:. 1981-10-10
Alpert's Latin Guests (photo). Record World, 49. 1981-10-10
Satellite Bash (photo of Soundstage during broadcast to Japan). Billboard, 47. 1981-9-26
dbx-Encoded Discs to Hit 200 In '81. Jim McCullaugh. Billboard, 31. 1981-8-8
A&M Names Konjoyan. Record World, 17. 1981-8-29
A&M Plans Return to Film Biz; Label Parties May Be Involved. Cynthia Kirk. Variety, 303:67. 1981-7-15
A&M Stepping Into Films; Launches New Subsidiary. Billboard, 93:74. 1981-7-25
A&M's Jeff Ayeroff Is a Creator of 'Artifacts.' Samuel Graham. Record World, 16. 1981-6-6
Tom Vickers to A&M. Record World, 10. 1981-6-20
Stark/Camelot Execs Visit A&M (photo). Record World, 48. 1981-6-20
A&M Holding Marketing Meetings. Record World, 10. 1981-5-9
A&M Names Schenker Publicity Director. Record World, 8. 1981-5-16
Friesen Sees Artist Development As Key to A&M's Continuing Growth. Record World, 3. 1981-5-23
A&M Announces Pricing Changes. Record World, 6. 1981-4-11
How the Weird Can Get Started in Recording. Laurel Leff. Wall Street Journal, 104:25. 1981-4-23
A&M Taps Freiser. Record World, 8. 1981-3-7
A&M, Spurred By I.R.S., Reactivates College Dept. Eliot Sekuler. Record World, 16. 1981-3-21
A&M Seeks Attachment Writ On Kester Assets. Billboard, 93:6. 1981-2-14
A&M Selects Stokes to Pilot Black A & R. Billboard, 93:4. 1981-2-14
A&M Selects Stokes to Pilot Black A&R. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 93:4. 1981-2-14
A&M Records Biography: Quincy Jones. A&M Records. 1981-2
A&M, S. African Label Renew Affiliation. Record World, 76. 1980-12-27
A&M International Names Louk de Mol. Record World, 86. 1980-12-27
A&M Names Gordon. Record World, 45. 1980-11-1
A&M Renews Pact. Billboard, 92:. 1980-11-15
1st A&M Country LP Bows. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 16. 1980-10-4
A&M Files Charge. Billboard, 92:106. 1980-10-4
A&M Revamping Chaplin's Studio To Attract TV, Movie Projects. Variety, 300:79. 1980-10-29
dbx Discs Add to Roster. Reproduction, 30. 1980-10
Inside Track. Billboard, 78. 1980-9-13
Carpenters, Alpert LPs Utilizing dbx. Jim McCullaugh. Billboard, 6. 1980-9-20
Nautilus Announces Deals with Three Labels. Record World, 11. 1980-9-20
CBS-A&M Latin License. Adam White. Billboard, 92:1. 1980-8-2
CBS Intl., A&M Set Latin Pact. Record World, 46. 1980-8-2
Laser-Etched LP Marketed By A&M. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 92:4, 8. 1980-8-9
Sales Changes at A&M. Record World, 12. 1980-8-16
Collecting Singles Is a Way of Life for A&M Promotion Rep Steve Resnick. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 18. 1980-8-23
Resnick, Buttice Named to A&M Promo Posts. Record World, 8. 1980-7-5
Minor Wants 'Real' Music Company. Jim McCullaugh. Billboard, 6. 1980-7-12
A&M Chief Hits But At 'Demo' Tape Hoax. Billboard, 92:. 1980-7-19
A&M Names Powell Single Sales Manager. Record World, 172. 1980-7-19
A&M Taps Morris. Record World, 174. 1980-7-19
A&M Promotes Wagner. Record World, 206. 1980-7-19
A&M Names Gormley Communications VP. Record World, 4. 1980-6-14
A&M Names Harris A&R VP/Manager. Record World, 6. 1980-6-14
A&M Names Minor Promo Vice President. Record World, 6. 1980-6-21
Label Report an Exciting Year for Black Music. Record World, 27. 1980-6-28
Robert Gold Named A&M Adv. Manager. Record World, 14. 1980-5-24
A&M Names Haverty Intl. Operations Mgr. Record World, 10. 1980-4-5
A&M Post-Grammy Bash (photo). Record World, 8. 1980-3-15
A&M Promotes Beeson. Record World, 18. 1980-3-22
A&M Ups Dietz-Baim. Record World, 53. 1980-3-22
Packaging Gimmicks Prove Sales Stimulators for A&M Product. Variety, 298:89. 1980-3-26
Jerry Moss, Gil Friesen mini bios. Rolling Stone. 1980-3-6
A&M Names Losmann International/Vice Pres. Record World, 10. 1980-2-2
Packaging Is An Asset (and A&M Has It). Jim Green. Trouser Press Collectors' Magazine, 1. 1980-1-2
Sails Soar At A&M International. Billboard, 92:10. 1980-1-19
A&M Intl. Reports Best Year Ever. Record World., 10. 1980-1-19
A&M Taps Courtright. Record World, 76. 1980-1-19
Childs Named to A&M Post. Cash Box, 12. 1979-12-1
A&M Names Childs VP, Sales & Promo. Record World, 4. 1979-12-1
A&M's Axe Slashes 50. Billboard. 1979-12-8
A&M Drops 50 Staffers. Cash Box, 7. 1979-12-8
A&M Cuts 50. Record World, 3. 1979-12-8
McCloskey Named to A&M Int'l Promo Post. Cash Box, 38. 1979-12-8
McCloskey to A&M Intl. PR. Record World, 23. 1979-12-8
A&M Ups Babineau. Record World, 11. 1979-12-22
A&M Brings Back 'Old' 10-Inch LP. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 91:94. 1979-11-3
Digital Recording Techniques Are Already Being Widely Used in Pop Music 1979-11-4
Supertramp Paces A&M Intl's Big Year. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 10. 1979-11-10
Leon Named VP, East Coast Opns., for A&M Records. Cash Box, 16. 1979-11-10
Leon Appointed A&M VP. Record World, 6. 1979-11-17
A&M Names Burton to Senior VP Spot. Cash Box, 14. 1979-11-17
A&M Names Burton Sr. Vice President. Record World, 4. 1979-11-17
Parkinson Named at A&M Records. Cash Box, 14. 1979-11-24
A&M Names Parkinson Finance Vice President. Record World, 6. 1979-11-24
A&M Sets Campaigns for Jackson, Police. Record World, 50. 1979-11-24
Capricorn Struggles to Survive; A&M Discontinues Horizon Label. Rolling Stone, 301:13. 1979-10-4
A&M Names Gormley Asst. to the Chairman. Record World, 6. 1979-10-20
Tighter Returns Plan Teed By RCA-A&M. Paul Grein. Billboard, 91:1. 1979-10-27
Two LPs From A&M. Cash Box, 53. 1979-10-27
A&M Ups Strickland. Record World, 14. 1979-9-1
A&M Ponders Fate of Defunct Horizon Acts. Billboard, 91:6. 1979-9-1
Moss Denies A&M Sale. Record World, 3. 1979-9-1
Moss Denies Truth to A&M Sales Rumor. Cash Box, 6. 1979-9-1
A&M Cuts, 34 Staffers, Dissolves Horizon Label. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 12. 1979-9-1
Gloom, Then Enthusiasm at Record Bar Meet. Billboard, 3. 1979-9-1
Cutouts, Overstocks Include CBS, A&M and Casablanca. Cash Box, 6. 1979-9-8
A&M Taps Shulman. Record World, 120. 1979-9-29
A&M Pacts with U.K. New Wave Syndicate. Billboard, 4. 1979-8-4
Supertramp Highlights A&M's International Program in 1979. Richard Imamura. Cash Box, 41. 1979-8-4
A&M, U.K. Independents Sign Distribution Deal. Cash Box, 16. 1979-8-4
A&M Promotes Harris. Record World, 62. 1979-8-11
RCA, A&M, Artist Post Price Hikes. Leo Sacks. Cash Box, 8. 1979-8-11
McEnaney to A&M Intl. Record World, 51. 1979-8-11
A&M Teams with WNEW-FM/NY For Triple Live Broadcast Feature. Cash Box, 21. 1979-8-11
A&M’s New York Office Gives Company Strong East Coast Base. Joseph Ianello. Record World, 5. 1979-8-18
A&M Releases Four. Record World, 61. 1979-8-18
A&M to Release 4 LPs August 15. Cash Box, 42. 1979-8-18
A&M's New York Office Gives Company Strong East Coast Base. Joseph Ianello. Record World, 3. 1979-8-18
A&M Names Gaiters. Record World, 12. 1979-8-25
Looking Past the Pop-Music Blues: Beyond the Pop-Music Blues. John Rockwell. New York Times. 1979-8-26
Music Biz Blues Cited As Horizon Is Folded By A&M. Variety, 296:73. 1979-8-29
A&M Turns to Regional Meets. Billboard, 9. 1979-7-7
A&M Promotes Dillon-Hawley. Record World, 54. 1979-7-14
Executive On the Move. Cash Box, 12. 1979-7-28
A&M Ups Two. Record World, 18. 1979-7-28
A&M LPs Set. Record World, 47. 1979-7-28
A&M Beams 2-Station Hookup. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 20. 1979-6-2
A&M Names Losmann Managing Dir. Intl. Record World, 44. 1979-6-2
A&M Hits Jackpot with British Import Acts. Paul Grein. Billboard, 10. 1979-6-2
RCA and A&M Together (photo). Cash Box, 8. 1979-6-9
A&M Names Losmann International Director. Cash Box, 44. 1979-6-9
Cohen Changes At A&M. Cash Box, 16. 1979-6-16
A&M Names Kip Cohen Creative Consultant. Record World, 4. 1979-6-16
Kershenbaum to Head A&M's A&R. Cash Box, 12. 1979-6-23
Kershenbaum Named A&M A&R Vice Pres. Record World, 6. 1979-6-23
A&M Reorganization Shifts Promotion Focus on Cities. Billboard. 1979-6-30
A&M Reorganizing Field Merch. Staff. Record World, 10. 1979-6-30
No Wave (Review). Tom Carson. Rolling Stone. 1979-5-3
Release Dates. Richard Imamura. Cash Box, 42. 1979-5-5
Friesen Honored by Martell Foundation (photo). Record World, 16. 1979-5-5
Friesen Honored at T. J. Martell Foundation Dinner. Cash Box, 20. 1979-5-5
A&M Releases Six. Record World, 42. 1979-5-12
Kirkup Named VP, Artist Development At A&M Records. Cash Box, 12. 1979-5-19
A&M Names Kirkup VP. Record World, 6. 1979-5-19
A&M Names Freiser Exec. Asst. to Pres. Record World, 12. 1979-4-7
A&M Ups Eade. Record World, 54. 1979-4-7
High Court Refuses to Terminate Suit vs. A&M, Motown. Cash Box, 28. 1979-4-28
Benz Joins A&M. Record World, 12. 1979-4-28
A&M Signs Deal With RCA (RCA to Manufacture and Distribute A&M Records and Tapes). S. Rayl. Rolling Stone, 286:14. 1979-3-8
Meyer Exits A&M. Record World, 20. 1979-3-10
A&M Sets Major Restructuring Of Sales Department. Cash Box, 12. 1979-3-17
A&M Restructures Sales Department. Record World, 21. 1979-3-17
Spector to New York for A&M Natl. A&R. Record World, 10. 1979-3-24
5 Lose A&M Denver Jobs. Billboard, 101. 1979-3-27
Accardo Named at A&M. Cash Box, 80. 1979-3-31
A&M Taps Accardo. Record World, 18. 1979-3-31
Hubert Exits A&M. Record World, 6. 1979-3-31
A&M Names Oken. Record World, 32. 1979-3-31
A&M Revamps Its Promo Department. Cash Box, 12. 1979-2-3
A&M Revamps Promo Department. Record World, 18. 1979-2-3
A&M Hires Marx. Record World, 27. 1979-2-3
Bornstein Names New VP At A&M. Cash Box, 12. 1979-2-10
A&M Taps Weiss. Record World, 47. 1979-2-10
A&M Names Bornstein International Vice President. Record World, 59. 1979-2-10
RCA-A&M's New Distrib Tie Begins. Billboard. 1979-2-17
Monaco to A&M. Record World, 10. 1979-2-17
A&M Taps Cable, Record World, 83. 1979-2-17
Changing Face of Record Distribution. Marc Kirkeby. NY Times, F1. 1979-2-18
Friesen Honored (photo). Cash Box, 8. 1979-2-24
A&M Names Leon East Coast Oper. Dir. Record World, 10. 1979-2-24
A&M Taps Snyder. Record World, 44. 1979-1-6
A&M's Dispute with California Agency Flares Over Sales and Use of Tax. J. Sippel. Billboard, 91:14. 1979-1-13
Bar Coding Set at A&M; Soon at CBS. Paul Grein. Billboard, 12. 1979-1-20
A&M Goes to $8.98 On Supertramp Album. Cash Box, 50. 1979-1-20
A&M Declares Overseas Alignment with Phonogram. Billboard, 87. 1979-1-27
RCA, A&M Set. Distrib. Manufacturing Pact. Summer Sees 50% Product Flow Rise. Marc Kirkeby. Brecord World, 3. 1979-1-27
RCA, A&M Set. Distrib. Manufacturing Pact. No Exchange of Stock. Sam Sutherland. Brecord World, 3. 1979-1-27
RCA, A&M Set. Distrib. Manufacturing Pact. Friesen Details Implementation. Sam Sutherland, Record World, 3. 1979-1-27
A&M Joins New RCA Distribution. Billboard, 1. 1979-1-27
Indies Say Loss 'Bearable,' But Foresee Changes. Randy Lewis. Cash Box, 7. 1979-1-27
More Resources Now Available for Artists, Says Moss. Alan Sutton. Cash Box, 7. 1979-1-27
Luxe Albums for Rock Fans. Patrick Goldstein. Washington Post. 1979
A&M Month' Set. Cash Box, 28. 1978-12-16
A&M Offering Catalog. Cash Box, 28. 1978-12-16
A&M Names McCloskey Intl. Publicity Manager. Record World, 68. 1978-12-16
A&M Targets Its Black Roster. Paul Grein. Billboard, 90:45. 1978-12-23
A&M, Oval Sign Production Pact. Record World, 6. 1978-12-30
Jerry Moss. Billboard. 1978-12-9
A&M's Moss Hits At Piracy Evils In Talk. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 90:6. 1978-11-4
Kaminsky Joins A&M in A&R Pact. Record World, 86. 1978-11-4
A&M Albums Set. Record World, 96. 1978-11-4
A&M, EMI Prepare TV Blitz. Billboard, 90:. 1978-11-18
A&M Names Rocklin Natl. TV Coordinator. Record World, 52. 1978-11-11
A&M Ups Brown-Powell. Record World, 62. 1978-11-11
A&M Linking with Collegiate Airwaves. Cary Baker. Billboard, 90:44. 1978-11-18
A&M Black Music Success Leads to New Label Focus. Charles Palkert,. Cash Box, 7. 1978-10-4
A&M Names Parks. Cash Box, 68. 1978-10-7
A&M Names Parks Intl. Pub Coordinator. Record World, 27. 1978-10-7
A&M Changes Partners. Cash Box, 50. 1978-10-14
A&M Names Moss to A&R Position, Record World, 26. 1978-10-14
A&M Plans Seminars for Staff Members. Record World, 14. 1978-10-21
A&M Ups Cadorette. Record World, 24. 1978-10-21
Powell Appointed to A&M VP Post. Cash Box, 14. 1978-10-28
USC Piracy Symposium to Feature Jerry Moss. Record World, 88. 1978-10-28
Moss to Guest On Piracy Panel. Cash Box, 36. 1978-10-28
A&M Names Powell Business Affairs VP. Record World, 18. 1978-10-28
A&M's Cutouts Go to Pickwick. Billboard, 1. 1978-9-2
Mangione, Styx Albums Set for A&M Release. Cash Box, 14. 1978-9-9
Inside Track (A&M and Alfa Records). Billboard, 78. 1978-9-13
A&M Now Solidly Established in R&B Music. Record World, 28. 1978-9-16
Picture Disks: A&M Says They're Not a Fad. Ed Harrison. Billboard. 1978-9-23
A&M Ups Sherry. Record World, 21. 1978-9-23
A&M Signs Deal with Alfa of Japan. Cash Box, 50. 1978-9-30
A&M, Alfa Pact. Record World, 35. 1978-9-30
Mushroom Bows Disco Label and A&M Pact at First Conv. Peter Hartz, 18. 1978-9-30
Mushroom's First Convention Focuses On A&M-Canada Tie, Domestic Roster Growth. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 3. 1978-9-30
A&M Ties with Japanese Alfa. Billboard, 92. 1978-9-30
A&M Promotes Green. Record World, 22. 1978-8-5
A&M Names Bronstein Natl. Promotion Dir. Record World,, 18. 1978-8-12
A&M Promotes Harris. Record World, 46. 1978-8-19
A&M Names Haverty Intl. Admin. Manager. Record World, 10. 1978-8-26
Labels Eye Retail Potential of Colored Vinyl & Pic Discs. Peter Hartz. Cash Box, 18. 1978-7-1
Childs Appointed to Sr. VP Promotion for A&M Records. Cash Box, 10. 1978-7-1
A&M Names Childs Sr. Promotion VP. Record World, 4. 1978-7-1
Casablanca, A&M In Staff Trimmings. Record World, 34. 1978-7-1
A&M Promotes Johnson. Record World, 59. 1978-7-1
Set 'White Mansions.' Billboard, 4. 1978-7-8
A&M Expands Upper Executive Tier; Friesen Names Three Vice Presidents. Record World, 6. 1978-7-8
Campagna, Reitman & Moinet Named VPs at A&M Records. Cash Box, 8. 1978-7-8
Four A&M LPs Certified Gold. Record World, 21. 1978-7-8
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 4. 1978-7-8
A&M Conclave Starts Tuesday. Billboard, 90:4. 1978-7-15
A&M Names Meyer, Ayeroff VPs. Record World, 6. 1978-7-15
Meyer, Ayeroff Named at A&M. Cash Box, 10. 1978-7-15
A&M Announces Convention Schedule. Record World, 6. 1978-7-15
A&M Set to Hold L.A. Convention. Cash Box, 14. 1978-7-15
Act Non-Tour Time Critical for Promo. Billboard. 1978-7-22
Artists' Needs Vital, A&M Chief Asserts. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 90:3. 1978-7-22
Open Door' Policy Is Still the Way, Friesen Tells A&M Meet. Alan Sutton. Cash Box, 7. 1978-7-22
Friesen Speech Stresses Sense of 'Where You Are.' Record World, 300. 1978-7-22
Field Personnel Urged to Supply Label Feedback. Billboard. 1978-7-22
A&M Convention Focuses on Work Sessions, Sam Sutherland, Record World, 287. 1978-7-22
Moss Slaps WB, CBS At A&M Meet. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 90:. 1978-7-29
Moss Criticizes Music Industry Giants In Annual A&M Convention Address. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 3. 1978-7-29
Photos from A&M Meeting. Billboard, 10. 1978-7-29
A&M Panels Stress Artist Development. Samuel Graham. Record World, 34. 1978-7-29
At the A&M Convention (photo). Record World, 35. 1978-7-29
A&M Will Enter Cutout Market. Cash Box, 8. 1978-7-29
Speeches By Moss, Smith Top A&M Confab's Last Day. Cash Box, 10. 1978-7-29
Williams Joins A&M. Record World, 18. 1978-6-3
A&M LPs Set. Record World, 65. 1978-6-3
Heavily Historical; A&M Label Headquarters. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 90:14. 1978-6-17
A&M Names Leon Asst. to President. Record World, 6. 1978-6-17
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 4. 1978-6-17
A&M Gearing Up for July Convention. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 3. 1978-6-24
A&M & Columbia Issue Big-Budget Intl Concept Sets. Billboard, 90:1. 1978-6-3
Artists House. R. Zabor. Music & L, 12:16-18. 1978-5-1
A&M Execs on Road For May LP Release. Record World, 6. 1978-5-13
A&M Emphasizes Quality Over Quantity. Record World, 18. 1978-5-20
Aubrey Moore Names GM, A&M/Pacific. Record World, 4. 1978-4-1
A&M Promotes Strong. Record World, 14. 1978-4-1
A&M LPs Set. Record World, 18. 1978-4-1
A&M Ups Fujii. Record World, 10. 1978-4-8
A&M Taps Gormley Dir. Of Communications. Record World, 8. 1978-4-15
A&M Sues Calif. For 'Master' Tax. John Sippel. Billboard, 1. 1978-4-27
A&M Records Biography: David Anderle. A&M Records. 1978-4
A&M Sets Increase In Wholesale Prices. Record World, 3. 1978-3-11
A&M Names DeZonia Intl. Publicity Coord. Record World, 128. 1978-3-11
Producer Anderle's Bag: Women. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 6. 1978-3-18
A&M Promotes Casell. Record World, 12. 1978-3-25
A&M Releases Seven. Record World, 52. 1978-2-11
A&M Has 5 New Branches Coming. Ed Harrison and John Sippel. Billboard, 1. 1978-2-18
A&M Going Branc? Record World, 3. 1978-2-18
A&M Sets Branch Distribution for 11 Western States But Retains Independent Ties In Other Territories. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 3. 1978-2-25
Cummins Joins A&M. Record World, 10. 1978-2-25
A&M Records Biography: Tony Camillo. A&M Records. 1978-2
A&M Announces New Information Department. Record World, 14. 1978-1-7
Newest A&M Wing Centralizes Data. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 90:. 1978-1-14
Satellite Hookup by A&M Plugs Label's R&Bers. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 3. 1978-1-21
A&M Reports Sales Rise Since Pact with CBS Intl. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 90:. 1978-1-28
A&M Readies February Albums. Record World, 22. 1978-1-28
Kershenbaum, A&M In Production Agreement. Billboard, 89:45. 1977-12-3
A&M's Good Stuff. Record World, 18. 1977-12-3
A&M Taps Woodnick. Record World, 18. 1977-12-10
A&M Quiz May Obtain Airplay. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:8. 1977-12-24
A&M Institutes New Mktng. Region. Record World, 8. 1977-12-24
A&M Taps Whiffen. Record World, 8. 1977-12-24
Kip Cohen on the Philosophy of A&R at A&M. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 18. 1977-12-24
A&M Taps Decker. Record World, 153. 1977-12-31
A&M Records. Hamilton Radio Quarterly Report, 135. 1977-12
Comas Joins A&M. Record World, 12. 1977-11-5
Preston, Wakeman LPS to New A&M Roster. Cash Box, 16. 1977-11-19
A&M Ups Two. Record World, 10. 1977-10-1
A&M Ups Dlugatch. Record World, 18. 1977-10-8
A&M Promotes Two. Record World, 98. 1977-10-8
A&M Releases Seven. Record World, 113. 1977-10-8
A&M Keys on Creativity in Merchandising Thrust. Record World, 16. 1977-10-8
A Timely Congratulations. Cash Box, 3. 1977-10-15
A&M Restructures Product Mgmt. Dept. Record World, 6. 1977-10-15
A&M Gets Gold. Record World, 10. 1977-10-22
A&M, Kershenbaum Pact. Record World, 14. 1977-10-29
A&M Promotes Davis. Record World, 37. 1977-10-29
A&M Sticking to Its Big Guns. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:6. 1977-9-3
A&M to Distribute Mushroom Records. Billboard, 89:. 1977-9-17
A&M Top Execs on Trip to Detail Marketing Plan. Billboard, 89:67. 1977-9-17
A&M Announces List Price Hikes. Record World, 4. 1977-9-17
A&M Reorganizes Intl. Department. Record World, 20. 1977-9-17
A&M Increases Its Tape and LP Prices. Billboard, 3. 1977-9-17
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 4. 1977-9-17
Braverman Film for A&M Promo. Billboard, 18:. 1977-8-6
A&M Increases Its R&B Impact. Record World, 12. 1977-8-6
Levy Joins A&M. Record World, 21. 1977-8-6
A&M, CBS Huddle to Shape Plans. Billboard, 89:10. 1977-8-13
A&M Names Three to Merch. Posts. Record World, 10. 1977-8-20
A&M Taps Bill Swearingen. Record World, 26. 1977-8-20
Alpert Day, Panels Highlight A&M Annual Business Meet. Mike Falcon. Cash Box, 7. 1977-7-2
A&M Names Barnum Production Director. Record World, 10. 1977-7-9
A&M Product 16 Nations Represented. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:6. 1977-7-9
A&M Annual Conference (photos). Cash Box, 14. 1977-7-9
At the A&M National Meetings. Record World, 14. 1977-7-9
A&M Breaks Thru In Singles Market. Sam Sutherland, Lenny Beer. Record World, 3. 1977-6-4
Brownstein Joins A&M. Record World, 26. 1977-6-4
CBS Starts Sales of A&M Disks in Europe. Billboard. 1977-6-17
A&M Promotes Reitman, LaPorta, Ayeroff. Record World, 4. 1977-6-18
A&M Fla. Distribution Will Be Handled By New 'Together' Office. Record World, 4. 1977-6-18
A&M Raises Price On 'Frampton Live' LP. John Mankiewicz. Record World, 6. 1977-6-18
A&M Promotes Two In Sales Department. Record World, 14. 1977-6-18
A&M Launching a Major Push on 'Place' LP. Billboard, 17. 1977-6-25
A&M Will Change Its Florida Distrib. Billboard. 1977-6-25
Alpert Day Tees A&M Sales Meet. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 12. 1977-6-25
Video Music Marketing Big in N.Y. Stephen Traiman. Billboard, 6. 1977-6-25
Labels: Ode, Horizon. Hamilton Radio Quarterly, 217. 1977-6
A&M Execs Wrap Promo Tour. Record World, 14. 1977-5-1
A&M Free Clinic Campaign. Billboard, 10. 1977-5-7
A&M's 'Holiday Giveaway' Clicks. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 12. 1977-5-7
Number One With a Star the Inside of Making a Hit Record. Jean Williams. Billboard, 89:36. 1977-5-7
Stern Moves to Bolster A&M European Marketing. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:. 1977-5-7
A&M Using New Ad Forms In N.Y. Billboard, 89:. 1977-5-14
A&M Initiates New Album Jacket Design. Record World, 50. 1977-5-28
A&M Names Four Reg. Promo Directors. Record World, 43. 1977-5-7
Sex Pistols Dropped by A&M in the U.K. Peter Jones. Billboard, 6. 1977-4-2
Executive On the Move. Cash Box, 12. 1977-4-10
A&M Reorganizes Company Structure; Moss Named Chairman, And Friesen Is President. Mike Falcon. Cash Box, 7. 1977-4-16
Moss, Alpert, Friesen in Top Posts in A&M Exec Realignment; Fead, Kaye, Lacoursiere Also Receive High-Level Promotions. Record World, 3. 1977-4-16
5 A&M Nabobs Off On 11-City Air Trek. Billboard, 89:73. 1977-4-16
A&M Executives Go On the Road. Record World, 10. 1977-4-16
A&M Seeks 'All the Marbles,' Moss Says. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:1. 1977-4-16
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 89:. 1977-4-16
A&M Promotes Spencer. Record World, 14. 1977-4-16
Dave Hubert (photo). Billboard, 47. 1977-4-16
Arts Activist (Jerry Moss, Hubert Humphrey photo). Billboard, 3. 1977-4-19
A&M Names Powell Business Affairs Dir. Record World, 10. 1977-4-23
CBS to Market A&M in Europe. Is Horowitz. Billboard, 1. 1977-4-30
The Independent That Could: A&M Records. T. Everett. Hi Fi/Mus Am, 27:132-4. 1977-4
A&M Restructures E. Coast Pub. Dept. Record World, 26. 1977-3-5
Special NARM Centennial Executive Award Winners. Cash Box, 20. 1977-3-19
A&M Launches Promo On Jazz. Billboard, 89:. 1977-3-19
A&M's Moss New RIAA Chairman. Billboard, 89:. 1977-3-19
Punk Comes of Age (Interview Upon Signing with A&M Records). B. Harrison. Melody Maker, 52:34. 1977-3-19
A&M Promotes Lipold. Record World, 24. 1977-3-19
Edmondson Joins A&M. Record World, 26. 1977-3-19
A&M Draws Sex Pistols; Sees Act As 'New Force.' Chris White. Billboard, 89:70. 1977-3-26
Lou Reed Joins Pistols Furor (Pistols Dropped by A&M Records). C. Coon. Melody Maker, 52:3. 1977-3-26
A&M Sales Meet (photo). Record World, 10. 1977-2-12
Hodosh to A&M Intl. Record World, 54. 1977-2-12
A&M Developing New Muscle On East Coast. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:1:63. 1977-1-8
A&M, CBS Renew U.K. Pact. Record World, 43. 1977-1-15
Phonogram, A&M 5-Nation African Tie. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 3. 1977-1-22
A&M Beefing Up College Rep Staff. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 89:45. 1977-1-29
A&M Names Mollica to Natl. Promo Post. Record World, 8. 1977-1-29
A&M, Phonogram Set African Pact. Record World, 82. 1977-1-29
A&M Promotes Kirkup. Record World, 17. 1976-11-6
Culpepper Joins A&M. Record World, 17. 1976-11-6
A&M and CBS Sue an Alleged Pirate. Jon Sippel. Billboard. 1976-11-13
A&M Ups Pastuszak. Record World, 24. 1976-11-16
Success With a Wide Range of Product. Billboard, DR. 1976-11-20
A&M Holiday Game a First in the Industry. Ed Harrison. Billboard, 3. 1976-11-27
A&M Names Dashev Artist Devel. Head. Record World, 10. 1976-11-27
A&M Launches 'Holiday Giveaway' Promo. Record World, 4. 1976-11-27
Jazz Has a Home at A&M. Record World, 24. 1976-11-27
A&M Gears Up for Still More 'Frampton Live' Sales. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 10. 1976-10-2
A&M: Imagination, Style and Consistency. Record World, 11. 1976-10-2
A&M Expanding with Building of New Offices. Billboard, 12. 1976-10-16
A&M Names Zisson N.Y. General Manager. Record World, 4. 1976-10-23
A&M Names Grieff VP. Record World, 3. 1976-9-18
A&M Hosting Regional Distrib. Meetings. Record World, 12. 1976-9-18
Frymire Heads A&M College Department. Record World, 22. 1976-9-18
John Anthony on Production and A&R at A&M. Barry Taylor. Record World, 30. 1976-8-28
Albums Vital to Longevity. Billboard, 4. 1976-6-26
A&M Promotes Primary. Record World, 105. 1976-5-8
Far East Grabs A&M Attention. Billboard, 88:3. 1976-5-22
A&M Launches Heavy National TV Promotion. Billboard, 4. 1976-5-22
Indie Labels Increase Sales Substantially. Billboard, 1. 1976-4-3
A&M Appoints Two In Special Projects. Record World, 20. 1976-4-10
A&M Artist Roster Shows Crossover Clout. Record World, 36. 1976-3-6
A&M Names Newman. Record World, 8. 1976-3-13
A&M Steps Up Its Commitment to Singles. Eliot Seluler. Record World, 3. 1976-3-20
A&M: Creating a 'Positive Climate.' Record World, 35. 1976-3-20
Anthony Joins A&M. Record World, 6. 1976-2-28
A&M Names Burton & Hubert VPs. Record World, 3. 1976-1-10
A&M Wins Top Piracy $ Decision. Billboard, 88:1. 1976-1-17
Judge Awards Damages in E-C/A&M Case. Record World, 4. 1976-1-17
Jerry Moss on 1976. Billboard. 1976-1-10
A Day In the Life of Harold Childs. Billboard, 87:34. 1975-12-20
A&M Act Promotion Keys On Colleges. Jim Fishel. Billboard, 36. 1975-11-1
Leave of Absence for A&M's Meyer. Record World, 6. 1975-11-16
A&M Horizon Jazz Series Rates Pop-Type Campaign. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, 87:1. 1975-10-11
A&M LPs Go Platinum. Record World, 10. 1975-10-18
A&M College Promo. Record World, 133. 1975-10-18
Three Sagoma LPs Released by A&M. Record World, 52. 1975-10-25
A&M's Fead to Speak at Rack Meet. Billboard, 4. 1975-9-6
LaPorta Joins A&M. Record World, 6. 1975-9-6
A&M Quarter Sales Are Greatest Ever. Billboard, 87:4. 1975-9-20
A&M, Distributees Hold Exec Meeting. Record World, 3. 1975-9-20
A&M's Fead Shakes NARM Conclave. John Sippel. Billboard, 87:6. 1975-9-27
A&M Promotes Two. Record World, 6. 1975-8-2
A&M Names Taylor; Realigns Promo Staff. Record World, 12. 1975-8-23
A&M Ups Birnbaum. Record World, 4. 1975-8-24
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 6. 1975-8-30
The Captain and Tennille: A Variable Pricing Success. Lenny Beer, Eliot Sekuler. Record World, 3. 1975-6-28
A&M Taps Zurawin. Record World, 12. 1975-5-17
Former Beatle Sued for $10M. Associated Press. 1975-5-29
A&M Taps Dashev. Record World, 6. 1975-4-5
A&M Taps Kirkup. Record World, 9. 1975-4-5
A&M Taps Galliani; Bronstein Promoted. Record World, 43. 1975-4-12
A&M to Greet Colleagues From 9 Latin Countries. Billboard, 87:12. 1975-4-19
Together-ness. Record World, 24. 1975-4-26
A&M Goes CD-4 Discrete. Claude Hall. Billboard, 89:1:19. 1975-4-5
A&M Ode Chart Hits Spark 'Hot' '75 Prediction. Cash Box, 16. 1975-3-15
Time Sues Alpert. AP. Oakland (CA) Tribune. 1975-3-15
A&M, Ode Enjoying Heavy Activity. Record World, 4. 1975-3-15
A&M's Restructure Nets a Creel Full of Hits. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 87:. 1975-3-17
A&M Names Fitch to Regional Sales. Record World, 8. 1975-3-22
Love Leaves A&M. Record World, 4. 1975-2-1
A&M Ups Luce. Record World, 4. 1975-2-15
Motown/A&M Firm Joint Distribution. Billboard, 3. 1975-1-18
A&M, Motown Establish Jointly-Owned Branch. Record World, 3. 1975-1-18
Motown-A&M in 'Super' Distrib Tie. Billboard, 3. 1974-12-21
Friesen Names Senior VP of A&M. Cash Box, 7. 1974-12-21
A&M Names Friesen Senior VP. Record World, 3. 1974-12-21
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 4. 1974-12-21
At A&M the Music Comes First. Record World, 19. 1974-11-2
A&M Releases Its First CD-4 Album. Billboard. 1974-11-9
A&M of New England Bows (photo). Record World, 10. 1974-11-9
A&M Taps Ayeroff. Record World, 18. 1974-11-9
A&M and Pub Wings Suing Record Club and Friedman. Billboard, 45. 1974-11-30
Six SQ Matrix Packages Released By A&M Diskery. Billboard, 86:4. 1974-11-30
Alpert-A&M Ask $1M of Capitol. Billboard, 86. 1974-10-5
A&M Enters Kiddie Mkt. Cash Box, 7. 1974-10-12
A&M's Aussie Conference Results in Festival Renewal. Billboard, 86:6. 1974-10-12
A&M Opens Sales Office In Boston. Billboard, 4. 1974-10-12
A&M and EMI Renew Pacts at U.K. Huddle. Billboard, 86:14. 1974-10-19
The Glitter Thing Passed Us By. Rob Partridge. Melody Maker, 49:48. 1974-10-19
Col, Stax, A&M Sue MVC; See Copyright Infringement. Billboard, 3. 1974-9-7
A&M Taps Two. Record World, 19. 1974-9-7
Sydney Site of A&M Area Parley. Billboard, 86:3. 1974-9-14
A&M Sets Meeting for Australia. Record World, 50. 1974-9-14
A&M Aussie Meet. Cash Box, 40. 1974-9-14
A&M Ups Wunderlich. Record World, 35. 1974-9-21
A&M Resumes Promo of Collegiates. Billboard, 86:20. 1974-9-28
A&M Hikes LP By Full Dollar. Billboard, 86:3. 1974-8-17
Coast Woos College Radio. Bob Kirsch. Billboard, 86. 1974-8-17
Five Albums From A&M See Vitt TV Campaign. Record World, 57. 1974-8-24
From the Music Capitals of the World. Billboard, 86:50. 1974-8-31
A&M Seeks Proof of TV's Promo Power with 5 LPs. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 86:4. 1974-8-31
A&M Singles Price Changes. Cash Box, 9. 1974-7-20
A&M Up to #1.29. Record World, 28. 1974-7-20
A&M Promotes Orleans, Dorfman and Steffen. Cashbox, 9. 1974-7-27
A&M Wins Harrison's New Label. Billboard, 3. 1974-6-1
Michaels' Suit Hits Packaging Cost Deduction. Billboard, 3. 1974-6-1
Wilkes & Braun Sue Ode/A&M. Billboard, 8. 1974-6-8
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 4. 1974-5-4
A&M Names Losmann. Record World, 48. 1974-5-4
A&M Opens Special A&R Wing; Points to Sharper Talent Focus. Billboard, 58. 1974-5-4
Atkins Joins A&M. Record World, 6. 1974-3-16
NARAS Awards 1974 (photo). Billboard, 14. 1974-3-25
A&M's Healthy Attitude Exposes New Artists. Record World, 19. 1974-2-9
A&M Distrib, Pressing Tie Is--Seen Strong Alliance for CBS. Billboard, 86:44. 1974-2-16
A&M Names Childs, Cohen VPs. Record World,, 4. 1974-1-26
A&M Releases 10. Record World, 14. 1973-12-1
Musician Sues A&M, Cocker. Billboard, 46. 1973-12-15
A&M, Phonogram Raise LP Prices. Gary Cohen. Record World, 3. 1973-12-22
A&M Discontinues Reel-to-Reel Tapes. Record World, 3. 1973-12-22
Scoppa to A&M Publicity Post. Record World, 6. 1973-11-3
A&M Offers 5 Dual-LP Good Oldies. Billboard, 4. 1973-11-10
A&M International Meet (photos). Billboard, 86. 1973-10-6
A&M International Meet (photos). Billboard, 86. 1973-10-6
Child Care Group Fetes Jerry Moss. Billboard, 3. 1973-10-13
A&M Promotes Love. Record World, 4. 1973-10-13
A&M Readies 'Four Siders.' Record World, 6. 1973-10-13
A&M Releasing 5 'Greatest Hits' Sets. Billboard, 36. 1973-10-20
Graphically: the Art in Records Is Exciting (photos). Billboard, 45. 1973-10-27
Al Moinet to A&M Promo Post. Record World, 19. 1973-9-1
Japan Tops Foreign Markets for A&M. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 3. 1973-9-22
Japan Tops Foreign Markets for A&M. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 3. 1973-9-22
Fead Calls for Higher Pricing at A&M Meeting. Record World, 3. 1973-9-29
Birnbaum to A&M A&R. Record World, 4. 1973-9-29
Kip Cohen to West Coast to Head A&R for A&M. Record World, 4. 1973-8-18
Wunderlich Joins A&M College Dept. Record World 18. 1973-8-18
A&M Sets 1st Intl. Meet. Billboard, 3. 1973-8-25
A&M 1st to Issue Both SQ and QS LPs. Bob Kirsch. Billboard, 3. 1973-7-7
A&M Releases New Quad Tapes. Cash Box, 14. 1973-7-14
Biggest A&M Quad Release. Record World, 43. 1973-7-14
A&M Issues 15 'Q' Tapes. Billboard, 3. 1973-7-14
Harris to A&M Post. Record World, 14. 1973-6-16
A&M Exec Changes in Intl Department. Record World, 49. 1973-6-16
Gross-Kupps' Co. to A&M. Billboard, 3. 1973-6-30
Gross-Kupps' A&M Pact. Record World, 4. 1973-6-30
A&M Film Wins Award. Record World, 41. 1973-5-12
Ms. Baren Wins Lulu. Record World, 6. 1973-5-19
Jolene Burton: the '&' in A&M. Beverly Magid. Record World, 14. 1973-5-19
Green to A&M Promo. Record World, 47. 1973-5-26
See A&M Prerecorded Tape Expanding in World Markets. Bob Kirsch. Billboard, 85:45. 1973-4-7
King Product to Fete A&M, London Ties. Cash Box, 53. 1973-4-21
Grieff to A&M Merchandising Post. Record World, 4. 1973-3-3
Mezich to A&M Promo. Record World, 12. 1973-3-3
A&M Marketing Step-Up Seen In Wake of New Appointments. Billboard, 85:46. 1973-3-10
Andy Meyer Upped at A&M. Record World, 31. 1973-3-10
Moss Accepts NARM Award (photo). Billboard, 19. 1973-3-13
A&M Promotes Garcia, Meyer. Record World, 6. 1973-3-17
Billboard Trendsetter Awards (photo). Billboard, 59. 1973-3-24
Ms. Lauer to A&M. Record World, 35. 1973-3-24
A&M Promo Changes. Record World, 20. 1973-3-31
Lynn Named to Assist Alpert. Record World, 4. 1973-2-3
Anderle to Head A&M Talent Devel. Record World, 4. 1973-2-10
A&M Scoring Dept. Nabs Soundtracks. Billboard, 6. 1973-2-17
WMUC, A&M Tie On Poster. Billboard, 85:36. 1973-2-17
Louise Barnum A&M Production Assistant. Record World, 21. 1973-1-6
A&M Hits TV Trail. Record World, 18. 1972-12-9
A&M Campus Rep Program Expands. Gary Cohen. Record World, 22. 1972-12-16
Farber to A&M East Coast Promotion. Record World, 36. 1972-12-30
Book on College Concerts Released. Record World, 24. 1972-11-25
Basham, Hobbs, Bryan to A&M. Record World, 4. 1972-11-25
A&M's Ten Year Independence: Stronger All the Time. John Gibson. Record World, 3. 1972-10-7
A&M Regionals Launch New Albums. Cash Box, 9. 1972-10-21
Moss Critical of Cut-Outs At A&M Sales Meet. Record World, 3. 1972-10-21
A&M Re-Signings. Record World, 3. 1972-10-21
A&M Meetings Zero In on Mfg.-Dist. Link. John Sippel. Billboard, 1. 1972-10-28
A&M's Greatest Array (23) of Acts Map U.S. Exposure. Cash Box, 7. 1972-9-2
Gold Awards. Billboard, 8. 1972-9-9
A&M Heavy Fall Tours. Record World, 3. 1972-9-9
23 A&M Acts Touring U.S.--An All-Time Peak. Billboard, 10. 1972-9-16
A&M Resumes College Program. Record World, 43. 1972-9-23
A&M Seminar Set. Record World, 43. 1972-9-23
10-Year-Old Label Builds Pop Image. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 84:3. 1972-9-30
A&M Sales Meet Set. Record World, 30. 1972-9-30
A&M Hosts Licensees; Sets Vid Tape Show. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 3. 1972-9-30
A&M: Both Feet In England. John Gibson. Record World, 42. 1972-9-30
A&M Regionals Take Place Oct. 9-12. Cash Box, 7. 1972-9-30
Moss Sees A&M, At 1, the 'Number 1 Alternative.' Cash Box, 7. 1972-9-30
We Speak Music' Is Theme of A&M's Top International Meet. Cash Box, 7. 1972-9-30
Mapping Session (photo). Cash Box, 36. 1972-9-30
Billboard Trendsetter Awards. Billboard, 17. 1972-8-12
A&M S. Calif. TV Spots for Billy Preston's 'Wrote.' Billboard, 4. 1972-8-26
Moss Traces A&M Rise to Eminence. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 84:1. 1972-8-26
A&M Coding New Releases. Billboard, 4. 1972-7-1
A&M Names Lance Freed. Record World, 8. 1972-7-1
A&M Experimenting with TV Spots in 3-Market O'Connor LP Campaign. Billboard, 4. 1972-7-8
A&M Aligns with Sansui 'Q' Concept. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 1. 1972-7-29
Mancuso to A&M A&R. Record World, 19. 1972-6-24
A&M's April. Record World, 31. 1972-5-6
A&M Voter Campaign. Billboard, 3. 1972-5-13
WB, A&M Win Writ Vs Oregon Duplicators. Billboard, 4. 1972-5-13
Dual Inventory Furrows Brows. Billboard, 1. 1972-5-19
Power 18' Single Released by A&M. Record World, 4. 1972-4-29
A&M Executives Scrutinizing Global Market Possibilities. Billboard, 55. 1972-3-11
Record Cos. Into Public Aid Stance. Nat Freedland. Billboard, 31. 1972-3-11
Jerry Moss Speaks On Change In NARM Keynote Address. Record World, 3. 1972-3-18
1972 Grammy Awards (photo of Alpert, Moss, Carpenters). Billboard, 14. 1972-3-25
WB & A&M Sue Arthur Leeds and 20 Firms. Billboard, 3. 1972-3-25
Herb Alpert, Jerry Moss NARAS Awards (photos). Billboard, 14. 1972-3-25
Fitch Named A&M Fla. Promo Rep. Record World, 39. 1972-2-12
Register and Vote. Record World, 20. 1972-2-26
A&M Voter Registration Album. Record World, 3. 1972-2-26
A&M Voter Drive. Cash Box, 7. 1972-2-26
Record promotion. Broadcasting, 44. 1972-1-3
A&M Slates 'Q' Discrete and Dolbyized Cassettes. Billboard, 18. 1972-1-8
The Business Half of a Gold-Filled Decade for A&M. Broadcasting, 93. 1972-1-10
A&M Ups Pair. Record World, 2. 1972-1-22
Branches' Growth Stirs Distributors. Claude Hall. Billboard, 1. 1971-12-11
Moss Keynotes NARM Meeting. Billboard, 10. 1971-12-11
Moss NARM Keynoter. Record World, 3. 1971-12-11
Casell, Baren Join A&M. Record World, 14. 1971-12-18
A&M LP Spot on Van Peebles. Billboard, 38. 1971-12-18
A&M Breaks Ground For New Building. Record World, 21. 1971-11-6
Top Quality Rock Helps Labels Turnaround Their Profit Picture. Billboard, RN-34. 1971-11-6
Grossman A&M/Ode Regional Sales Mgr. Record World, 24. 1971-11-13
Atlantic, A&M's Moss WFIL Gavin Winners. Record World, 3. 1971-11-27
Groundbreakers (photo). Billboard. 1971-11-13
Good Listeners (photo). Record World, 18. 1971-10-16
A&M Big Label On Campus. Gary Cohen. Record World, 123. 1971-10-16
Childs Cites Sparsity of Starters. Billboard, 18. 1971-10-23
A&M Affiliates Meet (photo). Record World, 14. 1971-10-23
A&M's Hubert: Int'l Meet a Big Booster. Cash Box, 32. 1971-10-23
Pact Will Prohibit Piracy of Records. Thomas J. Hamilton. New York Times. 1971-10-29
Labels Step Up Rep Drive on Campus to Bust Sound Barrier. Claude Hall. Billboard, 8. 1971-10-30
Meet Sparks A&M Foreign Tour Support. Billboard, 8. 1971-10-16
Orleans A&M Regional Mgr. Record World, 13. 1971-9-4
A&M's Elliott Working Sunny Side of Tape St. Billboard, 14. 1971-9-11
A&M Listens to World at Annual Meeting. Record World, 3. 1971-9-11
A&M Meeting Draws Int'l Reps. Billboard, 3. 1971-9-18
Soul Sauce. Ed Ochs. Billboard, 46. 1971-9-18
A&M Fall Meeting: 14 LP's, 6 New Acts. Billboard, 54. 1971-9-25
Breaking Records, Artists Requires Flexibility at A&M. Record World, 22. 1971-9-25
RPM A&M Licensee. Record World, 56. 1971-9-25
A&M on Promoting New Artists on AM. Harold Childs. Record World, 28. 1971-9-25
Chicago. Cash Box, 51. 1971-9-27
A&M Promo Film. Record World, 10. 1971-8-7
A&M Promo Men Shuler, Holiday Set. Record World, 49. 1971-8-7
Bob Fead on Indie Distribution 'Motivating Factor Is Salvation.' Record World, 3. 1971-8-21
A&M Studio Spots CTV. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, 1. 1971-8-21
Pat Luce to A&M E. Coast Post. Record World, 4. 1971-8-21
A&M Sets First Product Roadshow. Record World, 10. 1971-8-28
NARAS Gives Disk Course. Billboard, 6. 1971-8-28
Listen to Your World' Theme of A&M Roadshow. Cash Box, 9. 1971-8-28
Big Product Period at A&M. Record World, 49. 1971-7-3
A&M Alleges Tape Piracy in L.A. Suit. Billboard, 18. 1971-7-17
A&M Names Leventon, Mekelburg to Posts. Record World, 18. 1971-7-31
A&M Markets 5 New Albums. Cash Box, 12. 1971-7-3
DeJoy Names to A&M Promo. Record World, 20. 1971-5-1
A&M Denies McCartney Signing. Record World, 3. 1971-5-15
A&M Records Holds Annual Regional Promotion Meets. Cash Box, 10. 1971-4-10
A&M Holds Promo Meets. Record World, 10. 1971-4-10
A&M Acquires Internal Sussex Distribution. Record World, 42. 1971-4-10
A&M's Brazil Deal Settled. Billboard, 48. 1971-4-17
McDougall to A&M Post. Record World, 6. 1971-4-24
Cocker & Bacharach A&M Soundtrack Stars. Record World, 52. 1971-3-6
Feldman Named A&M Promotion Rep. Record World, 33. 1971-3-20
A&M Into Blues. Record World, 8. 1971-2-13
Young A&M Art Director. Record World, 23. 1971-2-13
A&M Bows 8 New LP's. Cash Box, 22. 1971-2-20
A&M Gets Clips for TV. Billboard, 80. 1971-1-16
Childs, Fuhrman Named to A&M Executive Posts. Record World, 4. 1971-1-23
Schwartz Exits A&M. Record World, 18. 1971-1-30
A&M Going 'Soft Sound.' Billboard, 4. 1970-12-5
A&M Bright Co. in Drab Economy. Billboard, 14. 1970-12-12
A&M Lists Banner August Sales Month. Billboard, 3. 1970-11-7
Marker A&M Ad Art Dir. Record World, 30. 1970-11-21
A&M Artists Active. Record World, 46. 1970-11-21
Potter to A&M PR Post. Record World, 56. 1970-11-21
NARAS Chapter Meeting (photo). Billboard, 61. 1970-11-28
How It's Done (photo). Record World, 6. 1970-11-28
Harold Names Harrie A&M N.Y. PR Head. Record World, 10. 1970-10-3
A&M Twin-Pack Plan Is Being Stepped Up. Billboard, 20. 1970-10-3
Campus News. Bob Glassenberg. Billboard, 50. 1970-10-10
A&M Expands In Latin Field. Record World, 39. 1970-9-5
A&M's 4th Annual Int'l Meet to Review Label's Operation. Cash Box, 55. 1970-9-12
A&M: Eyes and Ears Of the East Coast. Record World, 22. 1970-9-19
Film Depicts A&M's History. Cash Box, 24. 1970-9-19
21 Foreign Reps to Attend A&M Meeting in London. Billboard, 3. 1970-9-19
Fourth International Meeting (photo). Billboard, 67. 1970-9-26
Japan Disk Sales 20 Percent Increase. Billboard, 67. 1970-9-26
A&M Records in Germany. Cash Box, 52. 1970-9-5
A&M Record Has August In History. Cash Box, 8. 1970-8-12
A&M Announces Scholarship. Record World, 39. 1970-8-15
New Artists Spark A&M Sales. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, 8. 1970-8-15
Mfrs.' Headaches Mouthing Up As Tap Piracy Goes Rolling On. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, 16. 1970-8-15
A&M Promo Personnel. Record World, 21. 1970-8-15
Ariola-Euodisc Reps A&M. Record World, 39. 1970-7-18
15 Campus Reps 'Customize' Promotion for A&M Records. Billboard, 33. 1970-6-6
A&M Appoints Echevarrieta Dir., Ad Merchandising Art. Record World, 19. 1970-6-12
Howe Co. Signs A&M, Lib, Cap Production Deals. Billboard, 4. 1970-6-13
A&M Meet to Show Biggest LP Release. Billboard, 70. 1970-6-27
A&M: A to Z. Jerry Moss Record World, 16. 1970-5-2
Freed Heads A&M College Dept. Record World, 72. 1970-5-2
A&M Announces 6-LP Release. Record World, 21. 1970-5-16
Schnyder Exits A&M. Record World, 3. 1970-5-30
A&M’s 6 For Spring. Cash Box, 12. 1970-5-16
Childs Named A&M Eastern Operations Dir. Record World, 3. 1970-4-18
A&M Gearing for Step-Up in Triple Exec Promotion. Billboard, 3. 1970-3-14
A&M Appoints 3 Veeps. Record World, 3. 1970-3-14
A&M Ups Friesen, Kaye, Fead to VP Slots. Cash Box, 9. 1970-3-14
Warners, A&M Join Atlantic's Threat Against Pirating. Bash Box, 16. 1970-3-14
A&M Scoring With Casters, S'tracks. Record World, 58. 1970-3-28
A&M Sees Banner Sales Yr. of $10 Mil. Billboard, 14. 1970-2-7
A&M 'Greatest Hits' LPs Due This Month. Record World, 23. 1970-2-14
Underground Music From A to M. Bob Garcia. Record World, 46. 1970-2-28
To A&M Sales. Record World, 22. 1970-1-24
Great Britain News (Brasil '66, Herb Alpert). Cash Box, 64. 1969-12-6
Cooper Exits A&M. Cash Box, 24. 1969-12-13
Top Level Gathering (Moss photo). Cash Box, 44. 1969-12-20
Stanton Resigns A&M. Cash Box, 9. 1969-11-1
Atco and A&M Ad Extra-Curricular Sales Activities. Cash Box, 31. 1969-11-1
Best Of' A&M Due in January. Cash Box, 14. 1969-11-8
8 New A&M Tapes. Cash Box, 53. 1969-11-22
"Music Box" Available at Bank of America. Geyserville (CA) Press. 1969-10-2
Pye's Benjamin: English Industry 'Las Vegas' Look. Cash Box. 57. 1969-10-4
Chicago News (Alpert, Carpenters, Blodwyn Pig, Evie Sands). Cash Box, 51. 1969-9-27
A&M Holds 2nd Promotion Meet. Cash Box, 10. 1969-8-2
A&M Closes Cartridge, Album Release Gap. Billboard, 12. 1969-8-2
Larry Ray Director of A&M Special Proj. Cash Box, 26. 1969-8-9
Art Leslie Joins A&M. Casn Box, 36. 1969-8-16
3 Gold LPs for A&M. Cash Box, 36. 1969-6-14
Graham to A&M. Record World, 27. 1969-6-14
A&M Re-Checks Label. Cash Box, 32. 1969-5-10
Elliott In Person to Person Tour of A&M Area Distribs. Billboard, 18. 1969-5-17
Jerry Love to A&M. Cash Box, 50. 1969-5-31
Elliott Is Director of A&M's Tape Div. Cash Box, 43. 1969-4-5
A&M Shifts Rider. Cash Box, 25. 1969-4-12
Phil Spector Is Alive. Cash Box, 56. 1969-4-26
Don Graham Joining Blue Thumb Label. Cash Box, 9. 1969-3-1
A&M Oldies Return As 'Forget Me Nots.' Cash Box, 46. 1969-3-8
Jerry Sharell Named National Promotion Director. Cash Box, 40. 1969-3-15
Jukebox Goldies Offered by A&M. Cash Box, 71. 1969-3-22
Dot, A&M Play Ball. Cash Box, 36. 1969-3-29
A&M Gets 'Boys' Caster. Cash Box, 10. 1969-2-1
Nobel to A&M In Prod. Slot. Cash Box, 16. 1969-2-1
Pye Party (photo Friesen, Mendes). Cash Box, 54. 1969-2-8
Alpert Renovates Chaplin Studios Into Sophisticated 'Record' Offices. Elyria (OH) Chronicle Telegram. 1969-2-11
Where Once The Little Tramp Trod, a New Legend Sprouts from a Horn. Chicago Daily Herald. 1969-2-12
Herb Alpert's Horn of Plenty. Vernon Scott. UPI. Hayward (CA) Daily Review. 1969-2-19
Alpert's Music Transforms Old Chaplin Studios. Douglas West. Long Beach (CA) Independent. 1969-2-24
Roots Music: New Underground? Bob Garcia. Record World, 18. 1969-2-22
The Dream That Began in a Garage. Kingston (Canada) Gleaner. 1969-1-20
Childs Relocates With A&M In NY. Cash Box, 7. 1969-1-25
6 A&M Executives to MIDEM. Record World, 14. 1969-1-25
Childs Is Tayor Sales, Promo Dir. Record World, 5. 1969-1-25
A&M Inks Deodato. Record World, 20. 1968-12-7
Fead Spurring A&M's Prod. Premium Moves. Billboard, 8. 1968-11-2
Complex Three Bows; A&M Deal. Billboard, 8. 1968-11-9
Music-Recording Company Aiming At Youth Market. Elyria (OH) Chronicle Telegram. 1968-11-10
At Showcase (photo). Record World, 6. 1968-11-30
Schnyder Director A&M Advertising, Merchandising. Record World, 3. 1968-10-12
A&M Signings. Cash Box, 36. 1968-10-12
Big Men (photo). Record World, 16. 1968-9-7
What In the World Home Sweet Home A&M. Port Arthur (TX) News. 1968-8-4
Internat'l Affils Attend A&M Meet. Record World, 37. 1968-8-10
A&M Goes Mod. Record World, 14. 1968-8-24
A&M Pacts Laura. Record World, 28. 1968-8-24
Marks On A&M.Record World, 16. 1968-8-24
Major Promotions at A&M. Record World, 3. 1968-7-20
Herb Alpert-Jerry Moss Partner with Perry Leff to Do Theatrical Pics. Variety, 251:13. 1968-7-31
Cooper to N.Y. Record World, 39. 1968-6-1
Managers Cite Moss and Alpert. Billboard, 82. 1968-6-8
Alpert, Moss Men of Year. Record World, 3. 1968-6-9
Injunction prohibits Pirating of A&M Recordings. Record World, 30. 1968-5-4
A&M on Own in Duping, Selling. Hank Fox. Billboard, 1. 1968-5-11
Promotion Spurs Festival to 'Label Months' Series. Jock Veitch. Billboard, 51. 1968-5-18
A&M Logo In Latin America. Record World, 40. 1968-5-25
Ward to A&M. Record World, 45. 1968-5-25
A&M Expands Logo Identity In Latin Area. Cash Box, 53. 1968-5-25
Graham Promo Man of Year. Record World, 16. 1968-4-6
Courts Scuttle Pirates On 2 Coasts; A&M to Push Crackdown On Tapes. Variety, 250:57. 1968-4-24
A&M Wins Injunction in Duping Suit. Billboard, 58. 1968-4-27
A&M: Rapport with Success. Billboard, 80:15. 1968-4-27
CGD Marks A&M Month. Billboard, 50. 1968-4-27
Bar to Hear Moss & Adler. Billboard, 4. 1968-3-9
Six A&M LP's from Garwin. Billboard, 59. 1968-2-17
Garwin Releases Six A&M Junior LP’s Features Top Artists. Cash Box, 81. 1968-2-10
Music Capitals of the World. Billboard, 40. 1968-1-13
A&M Month On Airline. Record World, 19. 1968-1-20
Gene Silverman Wins A&M Moustache Prize. Record World, 43. 1968-1-20
A&M Well Represented. Record World, 13. 1968-1-27
Leading the Parade (photo). Cash Box, 28. 1968-1-6
Childs to A&M. Cash Box, 39. 1968-1-27
Rosenblatt A&M Ad Director. Record World, 4. 1967-12-23
Executive Turntable. Billboard, 4. 1967-12-30
A&M Unveils 1st Sampler Album: ‘Family Portrait.’ Cash Box, 38. 1967-12-16
A&M, Polydor Meets. Record World, 35. 1967-11-11
Possible A&M Artists Tour of Europe. Billboard, 56. 1967-11-18
Urie Pop Ad TV Image Maker. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, 4. 1967-11-18
A&M to Release 7 LP's in Mid-Nov. Cash Box, 48. 1967-11-18
International Package Meeting (photo). Cash Box, 60. 1967-11-11
Guy Webster Signed. Record World, 41. 1967-10-7
A&M Meet (photo). Record World, 41. 1967-10-14
A&M Closes Moustache Contest. Record World. 88. 1967-10-21
Tribute to an Industry Leader (by Jerry Moss). Billboard. 1967-10-28
Cooper to A&M. Record World, 32. 1967-9-30
A&M Execs to Say ‘Thanks’, Bow 7 LP’s. Cash Box, 41. 1967-9-2
A&M Obtains First East Coast Master. Cash Box, 10. 1967-9-9
Rosenblatt Joins A&M. Record World, 24. 1967-8-5
A&M Spurns Psychedelic Records as 'Not Our Bag.' Billboard, 14. 1967-8-19
Polydor Gets A&M Product Under A&M Logo In Multi-Europe Markets. Cash Box, 57. 1967-8-12
Montez Adds LP to Firm Success. Lima (OH) News. 1967-7-13
Disk Mfrs. Pan In on TV Films With Pitch As Plot. Billboard, 1. 1967-7-22
A&M, Taylor $1 Mil. Deal. Claude Hall. Billboard, 1. 1967-6-10
Spector Signs? KRLA Beat, 6. 1967-6-17
A New Talent Show by Pathe-Marconi. Billboard, 26. 1967-6-17
A&M Records in France. Billboard, 53. 1967-6-17
A&M In Europe. Record World, 39. 1967-4-22
A&M Special: Stereo Singles. Billboard, 3. 1967-3-4
Gold Disks to A&M Distribs. Record World, 4. 1967-3-4
Haines At A&M. Record World, 45. 1967-3-4
Artists Display Their 'Wares.' Billboard, 6. 1967-3-18
Motown and A&M Joining the Playtape Trackwagon. Billboard, 1. 1967-3-18
British Increase Raids on the U.S. Billboard, 1. 1967-3-25
A&M Records Still In 'Cautious' Groove On Any Step to Diversification. Variety, 243:45. 1967-2-15
Alpert-Moss Combine Prepping Major Expansion Moves in 1967. Billboard, 79:3. 1967-1-7
A Revamping Due for Col.'s A&R on Coast. Billboard, 3. 1966-11-6
A&M Distrib Contest. Record World, 12. 1966-10-1
Belgium A&M Promotion. Billboard, 36. 1966-10-29
Herb Alpert Buys Hollywood Film Studio for Over $1-Million. New York Times, 30:1. 1966-9-1
Herb Alpert Taking Over CBS-La Brea Studio. Broadcasting, 67. 1966-9-5
A&M Pays Over $1 Million For CBS - LaBrea Lot, H'wood. Record World, 3. 1966-9-17
Herbie Buys CBS Studios. KRLA, 3. 1966-9-24
A&M Buys CBS-LaBrea Studios. Cash Box, 9. 1966-9-10
A&M: 4 Years Old, 18 Months of Historic Sales. Cash Box, 7. 1966-9-17
ITCC Gets Rights to A&M Prod. Billboard, 1. 1966-8-6
Hot Labels Get Carte Blanche by Disk Clubs on Outside Dealings. Aaron Strenfield. Billboard, 3. 1966-6-11
A&M With Quintas For Gorshin Wax. Record World, 3. 1966-6-25
A&M Sets D.J. Record World, 29. 1966-4-30
Dennon Sets Indie D. J. Distribs. Record World, 4. 1966-4-30
Alpert-Moss' A&M Label Hit Brassy $7,600,000 Gross in '65--Up 1,200%. Joe X. Price. Variety, 242:46. 1966-3-2
1966 Grammys (photo). Billboard, 13. 1966-3-26
A&M Adds Artists. Billboard, 8. 1966-1-22
Mulhern Tops A&M In East. Record World, 10. 1966-1-29
Friesen Back From Europe. Record World, 14. 1965-12-18
A&M Spreading Wings. Billboard, 3. 1965-10-9
A&M Joins the Capitol Record Club. Billboard, 10. 1965-5-22
Friesen to A&M As Gen. Mgr. of Set-Up. Cash Box, 38. 1964-12-19
Jerden Master to A&M. Cash Box, 48. 1964-11-14
Repertoire Digs the Unusual. Billboard, 39. 1964-6-20
Lucille Starr Does Single for A&M. Billboard, 40. 1964-5-16
Big Bats in Latin Hits. Billboard, 4. 1964-4-4
Moss & Alpert Form New Label, Pubberies. Cash Box, 44. 1962-10-13
A&M’s Latin Gathering (photo). Billboard.