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A&M Records' artists and employees, record dealers and collectors, and music journalists make On A&M Records.com the world's choice for artist and music information. On A&M Records is the only site with every artist and every recording--and you can search all of them.


Started by A&Mer Chuck Gullo, Music From the Streets is a national music competition. Chuck has two goals: find the greatest street musicians in the U.S. and through them help end homelessness. The public is the talent scout. Submit a video of an artist who makes the Top 10 to receive $1,000 and a matching gift goes the non-profit of your choice in your area that is fighting homelessness. Judges are music industry executives, artists and producers and the public. The musicians become part of a 6-part television documentary of their journey from discovery through recording session and live concert, compilation CD and gain radio exposure. Top artists receive cash plus recording contract to work with name industry producers. Please visit Music From the Streets website to find out how you can participate.

On A&M Records.com is proud of our affiliations:

  • Recognized by Herb Alpert
  • Recognized by Universal Music Group as "literally the 'one-stop shop' for all things A&M"
  • Author of "From Brass to Gold" with foreword by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss
  • Author of "Discover A&M" that appeared on Herb Alpert's Official Website 2007-2013
  • Contributor to "Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss" on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Website
  • Editor for "Herb Alpert at All About Jazz"
  • Contributor to "Liza Minnelli: the Complete A&M Recordings" double CD


      95 Record Labels
 1,300 Films and Videos
 2,400 Birth and Death Dates
 2,500 Artists
 3,200 Music Awards
 3,500 Collectibles
 4.400 Television Shows
 5,600 Radio Shows
10,200 Bibliographic Entries
12,500 Almo/Irving & Rondor Titles
17,000 Photos
13,600 US Recordings
32,000 International Recordings
32,600 Concert Dates
79,600 Tracks
...and More


On A&M Records.com is the only site that has information about every artist and every recording in these categories:

  • Discographies: albums, singles, CDs, 12" singles, jukebox. US and international discographies have stock numbers, record format (LP, 45, 12", CD, picture sleeve, cassette, 8-track, open reel tape), release date (many exact) and recording notes (including Audiophile and Audio Master + series and information on colored vinyl, limited editions, picture discs, packaging and more.). The US albums include matrix numbers, track titles and running times.
  • A&M Records Imprint Labels: Almo International, Atomic Records, AyM Discos, AM:PM, CTI Records, Horizon Records, Omen Records, Tuff Break Records, and Vendetta Records
  • A&M Records Licensed Recordings to Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Nautilus Half Speed Masters, SuperDisc, DBX Discs and Sweet Thunder
  • A&M Films: full length feature films produced by A&M.
  • A&M Video: commercial and promotional only. Commercial releases include the format, stock number, track titles, and country of origin.
  • ALMO Sounds: Label history, U.S. and international discographies including Almost Records, and artist profiles.
  • Almo Music, Irving Music and Rondor Music International: History plus search for publishing and songwriter credits including those from acquired catalogs.
  • Affiliated Labels: Nearly 80 affiliates are covered with histories and discographies including Antra Records, Cypress Records, Dark Horse Records, DV8 Entertainment, Delos International, Denon, 1500 Records, Flip Side Inc., Gold Mountain Ltd., I.R.S. Records, Mo' Wax Recordings, Nimbus Records, Ode Records, Perspective Records, Tabu, Tuff Break, Twin/Tone Records, T.W.Is.M. Records, Word Records, plus Windham Hill Records and its affiliates (Dancing Cat Records, Hip Pocket Records, Living Music Records, Lost Lake Arts Records, Magenta Records and Open Air Records), and Word Records.
  • Artist bibliographies from respected music trade and general newspapers.
  • Music awards from around the world (RIAA, RIAJ, CRIA, BRIT, ARIA, SNEP....).
  • Concert tour dates with cities and venues.
  • Radio show guest appearances.
  • Television show appearances, many with performance notes.
  • Collectibles official memorabilia from the label, tours, sheet music and more.

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