Represented over 200,000 songs from more than 40 music publishers including its own Almo Music Corp and Irving Music. 

"The most important thing with Almo/Irving is attitude, both with management and artist.
Our entire operation is keen and aware.
Aware of the entire social structure of what's happening in the world, and of today's social attitudes."
--Chuck Kaye, Cash Box, October 26, 1968

Almo, Irving Publihsing on LaBrea Ave.
Irving and Almo Music Publishing logo



"I believe in music of all types. If it is good there's room for it somewhere."
"We live in a literate time, and you have to be literate today to have a universal expression.
People are finally realizing that rock is not nonsense music--but rather a valid musical expression."
"Generations are turning towards music more and more and it's not because of dope.
It's just that music today is more than a plastic disc--it's a life style."
--Chuck Kaye, Record World, November 2, 1968


Almo Music Corp. logo

"We try not to limit our writers to any kind of exclusivity. We encourage outside relationships if the chemistry is right,
and the prospects for strong material are increased by a healthy association with our writers.
I believe that we are humanistically oriented, but there is an underlying aggressiveness to our approach
which provides a strong motivating force for everyone in the company."
--Lance Freed, Record World, September 7, 1974


Almo/Irving logo



"Songwriters are the most influential and creative factor in the business today.
Anytime you associate yourself with a true songwriter, success will come your way.
I firmly believe in a songwriter as a songwriter."
--Chuck Kaye, Cash Box, February 15, 1975

Rondor Music International US headquarters
Rondor Music International logo

"This is a company that is very artist-friendly and that philosophically Rondor as a name brand
always put artists and music first--even before the bottom line. We felt we had a job because people were writing songs--
and we had the privilege of working with them."


"We were an organization that continuously developed writers and artists from the inside and from the beginning--
rather than signing them based on what other labels might be signing, as is typical of publishing."
--Lance Freed, Billboard January 11, 2003

Almo/Irving Nashville first office
Almo/Irving Nashville second office

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