A&M Records of Canada President Gerry Lacoursiere told RPM, "I was such a bad [record] salesman, they made me a promotion man--and I think that basically turned out to be my mission in life. I got a kick out of taking a record, I believe in--not because it was happening in Los Angeles or any other market, but that I personally believed in, and going out and getting somebody to play it, and then finding out later that the consumer or the mass public was buying it--and that it was a hit record."

"I still get kicks going [to radio stations] and talking up a record and trying to convey my belief to that program director...I really care. That's why I go there. I believe in the record. I think it's a hit record and I show them what proof I might have other than my belief."

Doug Chappell, Promotion Director, added, "Credibility, I think, is the key with radio stations. You can't tell music directors that every record is a hit, because they know that every record put out is not a hit. If we believe we have a hit when we go to the station with it, and can't prove that it is, then it wasn't a hit to start with."

Lacoursiere continued, "[Promotion] is a team effort. We're in the record business. That's our only business and if we don't believe in what we're doing, how can we expect the programmer to believe in it....We're always striving to do it a little bit better. We don't sit on our laurels. Just because we're up fifty percent over our previous year, we don't stall. We take the attitude that we're still not doing the total job."

Said Regional Marketing Manager David Brodeur, "In my mind, A&M had the artists, they had the records, and they looked like they knew what they were doing.... We invested in A&M and we invested in our artists and to me it was an attitude that other people around me didn't have, or don't seem to have at the time...I'm totally invested. It's a way of life for me. I like the way they think, the way they sign acts. They try to find unique and talented artists. Not necessarily the ones who might sell the most records, but people you can build."

Doug Chappell told RPM, "We try to promote artists rather than records. Any longevity comes from making an artist a star rather than in making a record a hit. There are a lot of one-hit wonders in the business and they don't really seem to be paying for themselves. We don't drop artists after one single, one album, if we don't make it on an initial release. It's a long-term project--you don't get an image after one record or even after one hit, it comes after a series. I think the longevity of their career is determined by the kind of people they are. Every artist on the label deserves the most promotion we can give him or her."



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