Cheech & Chong

With Cheech & Chong, none of us had any idea they were going to change comedy forever. When Lou first saw them at the Troubadour doing a 15 minute set, he told me the next day he had just signed two comedians. At the time, comedy was really the domain of comedians such as Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, The Smothers Brothers, so I couldn’t imagine why Lou had signed two comedians. My thought was at the time, how am I ever going to get a comedy act played on the radio? When Lou took them in the studio, and I heard what they were doing, I got it immediately. I come from East LA, and we have plenty of characters like these two. The Low-Rider and the Doper.--Marshall Blonstein, Goldmine Magazine November 16, 2016


In 1972, the duo wrote a screenplay that Cheech called, "an X-rated extension of what we do on stage," Lou Adler would produce the feature.

Doing their part to help voter registration in San Antonio, Texas, a Cheech & Chong concert was the prize offered to the high school that registered the most voters.

In October, the DAR rejected having Cheech & Chong perform at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. The group was rebooked into the Kennedy Center and performed for a sold out audience.

In 1973 Cheech & Chong's albums were added to the White House Library Of Music.

The working title of the album Los Cochinos was Sex, Drugs and Cheap Thrills.

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Recording Years / Label
1971-1976 -  Ode Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Cheech Marin vocals
Tommy Chong vocals
Name Birth Death
Cheech Marin 1946-07-13
Tommy Chong 1940-05-24

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