We Five

We Five was the first band from San Francisco to have a Top 40 hit. "You Were On My Mind" earned the group a 1965 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Recording Years / Label
1965-1969 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Beverly Bivens 1965 vocals
Bob Jones 1965 electric guitars
Debbie Burgan 1969
Frank Denson 1969
Jerry Burgan 1965-1969 acoustic guitar
Mike Stewart 1965 banjo, guitars
Pete Fullerton 1965-1969 acoustic bass, Fender bass
Name Birth Death
Beverly Bivens 1946-04-28
Bob Jones
Debbie Burgan
Frank Denson
Jerry Burgan
Mike Stewart 1945-04-19 2002-11-13
Pete Fullerton
Name See associated acts
Debbie Burgan Debbie Burgan

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