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JANN ARDEN: Jann's new album Descendent is available for pre-order on vinyl. It's a double album.

OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS: Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Backstage is a Ozarks Public Television documentary about the band's 50 year history. It airs June 30. There will be a DVD of the program.

CAT STEVENS/YUSUF:Yusuf has written his autobiography. It will be published next year.

EVIE SANDS:Get Out Of Your Own Way is Evie Sands new album available on CD, vinyl and digital. More than a collection of songs, This is an album with an arc, with interconnected stories to tell, the way classic albums used to be made. And it covers a lot of ground in sound and style, borne out by Evie's’ deft arranging, bold playing & production. “I’ve never chased trends or let that define me. It’s the never-ending quest to be true to myself as an artist and to what’s inspiring for me."

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