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"The key in many ways has been our own people. They're loyal and dedicated to what A&M stands for and wants to do in this country. I would also say that more than any other company in the business in Canada, we have complete independence. From day one when (A&M president) Jerry Moss hired me to run this operation, he told me to do things my own way."

"The problems in developing Canadian talent during the past year have drastically been reshaped. Now, we have to be competitive on an international level with our artists. The key is to get your acts placed on American labels. To do that, you can't have a $10,000 or $20,000 budget like you used to do some years ago. You've got to lay out the dollars."

"More than anything else, I've always been impressed with the street talk about our company. All of us here have tried not to distance ourselves from the people who buy the records. I think they like the way we operate."

Gerry Lacoursiere, Cashbox, April 28, 1979


Gerry Lacoursiere


Gerry LaCoursiere's Induction Into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame 1997


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