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"It is much more satisfying to build up artists or acts from nothing, rather than buying 'ready-made' names....A&M has never been into cheque book signing of established acts, those deals just wouldn't work for us. We feel we have something creative to offer and want to be involved in the development of a career....Every act we sign is a priority."--Mike Noble, A&M Records, Ltd. A&R Director in Music Week March 28, 1981


"I believe you can only establish an artist through hard work. It's no longer really possible to hype an artist, although some companies still try. But if you do that, there's no real substance to the act and there's too much at stake to do it wrong."

"Keeping the faith is OK as long as [the artist is] keeping the faith with you too, and are willing to meet the commercial world. That's an important thing for me. When I sign an act I say, 'We are ready to go all the way with you' but I need those human promises right from the start. We are together and committed, and we sign a contract for a lot of years."--Derek Green, A&M Records, Ltd. Managing Director in Music Week July 9, 1977

"I apply a regular test almost subconsciously for our acts. If the songs and the live performances they produce are growing in stature and impact, no matter how gradually, then they're worth staying with and encouraging in every way."--Derek Green in Music Week July 3, 1976 


Although A&M Records, Ltd. was formally established in 1970, A&M Records entered licensing relationships in Great Britain as soon as the U.S. company was founded in 1962. These deals also brought A&M product into Europe. A&M singles began making the British charts in 1963 and album in 1966.

In 1970, the first office opened with four employees. It was intended to promote U.S. artists, manage British and European distribution and to find and develop British artists. The first artists signed were Humble Pie, Supertramp, the Strawbs and Cat Stevens.

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