Dillard & Clark

Doug Dillard and Gene Clark were both members of The Byrds. Dillard and Clark began working together in 1968. 

Signed a long-term contract with A&M Records in mid-1968 and a publishing contract with Irving Music. Their debut album was The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard and Clark. They toured in the U.S. then recorded their Through the Morning, Through the Night album for A&M. Dillard and Clark broke up after the second album.

In Europe, Ariola Records licensed tracks from Dillard and Clark's A&M albums and released the compilation as Kansas City Southern.

Recording Years / Label
1968-1970 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Doug Dillard 1968-1970 banjo, guitar, violin
Gene Clark 1968-1970 guitar, harmonica, vocal
Name Birth Death
Doug Dillard 1937-03-06 2012-05-16
Gene Clark 1944-11-17 1991-05-24
Name See associated acts
Gene Clark Gene Clark

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