"In this day and age, with all you hear about negative influences on kids, it's a good feeling to know you're creating life-affirming material for them to be inspired by."--Raffi

Raffi sold over six million children's records for A&M. In 1979, in Canada one Raffi LP was bought every five minutes.

Raffi gold and platinum 1980


In 1986 Raffi's debut album from 1976, Singable Songs For the Very Young, was certified triple platinum (300,000 copies sold) in Canada. His next five albums were certified platinum in Canada. At the time he had sold over one million albums in Canada. In the U.S. he sold 500,000 albums. 

Gil Friesen, Raffi and Shoreline Records President

A&M Records President Gil Friesen, Raffi and Shoreline Records President in 1986.


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Recording Years / Label
1987-1990 -  Shoreline Records
1977-1987 -  Troubadour Records
vocals, accordion, piano, guitar
See associated acts:
Raffi, Penner, Whiteley

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