Thank you to all of the very talented members of the A&M Associated Labels family.

If your name does not appear in the list below please e-mail On A&M Records webmaster and let us include you in the credits. Photos for the A&M Family Photo Album are always welcome! When you write, please include the years you worked at A&M and your job title or the name of the department where you worked. This information is also used to validate your registration for our A&M Family artists and staff contact information.

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David Barbis
Johnny Barbis
Dick Bozzi
Andrew Brightman
Mark Chotiner
Dave Darus
Katie Downey
Nick Gatfield
Billy Gilbert
Kirk Greenberg
Chuck Gullo
JJ Jansen
Mark Jaffe
Patrick Jordan
Jeff Matlow
Bruce McDonald
Denis McNamara
Brad Pollak
John Rotella
Kam Sangha
Jay Schatz
Tom Storms