Record albums and singles that were produced by Herb Alpert.

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1959 Baby Talk (45) Jan and Dean Dore  
1959 Wonderful World (45) Sam Cooke Keen  
1959 A Lover's Poem (To Her) (45) The Angels Tawny  
1960 We Go Together (45) Jan and Dean Dore  
1960 Alley Oop (45) Dante & the Evergreens Madison  
1960 Vickie Lee (45) The Untouchables Madison  
1960 Poor Boy Needs a Preacher (45) The Untouchables Madison  
1962 So Blue (45) Mike Adams & The Red Jackets Crown  
1962 Story of an Evergreen Tree (45) The Kenjolairs A&M  
1963 Country Boy Goes to Town George McCurn A&M  
1963 The French Song Lucille Starr A&M  
1963 Introducing Canadian Sweethearts Canadian Sweethearts A&M  
1964 The Baja Marimba Band Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1964 Little Blue River/The Pupil Melrose Elem. Sch. Band A&M  
1964 Boss Machine/The Fugitive Jan Davis A&M  
1964 Joey's Girl/Tell Your Girlfriend Scott Turner Almo  
1964 Don't Let Him In/So Dusty Gloria Melbourne A&M  
1964 Do You Know What Lovers Say (45) Dave Marks A&M  
1964 The Unwanted/Guitar Star Jan Davis A&M  
1964 Little Red Riding Hood/Three Bears Professors Omen  
1964 As Tears Go By/Georgia Town George McCurn A&M As Tears Go By
1965 Baja Marimba Band Rides Again Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1965 I'll Never Let You Go/Watusi Lucy Carl Walden & Humans Almo  
1965 Make Nice/All You Need Is You Bill Dana A&M  
1965 Watch Out! Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1965 For Animals Only Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1965 The More I See You/Call Me Chris Montez A&M  
1966 Herb Alpert Presents Brasil '66 S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1966 Equinox S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1966 One of Those Songs (45) Don Francks A&M  
1966 Time After Time Chris Montez A&M  
1967 Heads Up Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1966 Foolin' Around Chris Montez A&M  
1967 Because We're Kids (45) Young Billy Bean A&M  
1967 Fowl Play Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1967 Look Around S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1968 Do You Know the Way to San Jose Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1968 Herb Alpert Presents Pete Jolly Pete Jolly A&M  
1969 Give a Damn Pete Jolly A&M  
1969 Fresh Air Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1969 Crystal Illusions S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1970 The Bigger You Love (45) Sisters Love A&M  
1970 Greatest Hits Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1970 Greatest Hits S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1970 Let the Water Run Down (45) Vin Cardinal A&M  
1970 Ollie/Sitka Ernie Hood A&M  
1970 Night and Day S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1970 Seasons Pete Jolly A&M  
1970 Stillness S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1970 Under the Blanket Pisano & Ruff A&M  
1971 As Time Goes By Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1971 We've Only Just Begun Bill Medley A&M  
1971 Wings Michel Colombier A&M  
1972 Sun Down Lady Lani Hall A&M  
1973 Crazy Life Gino Vannelli A&M  
1973 Foursider Baja Marimba Band A&M  
1973 Foursider S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1975 Hello It's Me Lani Hall A&M  
1976 Caliente! Gato Barbieri A&M  
1976 Letta Letta Mbulu A&M  
1977 Sweet Bird Lani Hall A&M  
1978 Les McCann, the Man Les McCann A&M  
1978 There's Music in the Air Letta Mbulu A&M  
1978 Ruby, Ruby Gato Barbieri A&M  
1978 Selections from Ruby, Ruby Gato Barbieri A&M  
1979 Double or Nothing Lani Hall A&M  
1979 Manolo Manolo Badrena A&M  
1980 Blush Lani Hall A&M  
1980 Leslie, Kelly & John Ford Coley Leslie, Kelly & J. F. Coley A&M  
1982 The Best of Gino Vannelli A&M  
1982 Hot 'N' Sassy Magic Lady A&M Sexy Body
1984 Hand Clappin'/Stomp (the) Backsters A&M  
1987 Classics Vol. 18 S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1990 Apasionado Stan Getz A&M  
1991 Free Play Eduardo delBarrio A&M  
1994 Fire and Passion Gato Barbieri A&M  
1996 All the Hits: From Surf City... Jan & Dean EMI  
1996 Jan & Dean Jan & Dean K-tel  
1996 Lounge Music Goes Latin Various Artists Chronicles  
1997 Very Best of Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 S. Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M  
1998 Brasil Nativo Lani Hall Windham Hill  
1998 Greatest Hits Gato Barbieri A&M  
1999 The Journey: Destiny's Child Waylon Jennings Bear Family  
2000 Classic Sergio Mendes Sergio Mendes Universal  
2000 Ultimate Collection Gino Vannelli Universal  
2001 Final Concert Recording Stan Getz JVC Apasionado
Amorous Cat
2001 Very Best of Early Years Jan & Dean Collectibles  
2002 20th Century Masters Gino Vannelli A&M  
2002 Phase One: the Early Years Waylon Jennings Hip-O  
2003 Bossas and Ballads Stan Getz Verve  
2004 Swinger from Rio Sergio Mendes Universal  
2004 20th Century Masters Gato Barbieri A&M  
2005 The Last Recording Stan Getz Pioneer  
2006 Colour Collection Sergio Mendes Universal  
2006 I'm Alive Garland Jeffreys Universal Matador
2006 In the House of Love Dimitri from Paris/Various Artists ITH I Need You
2006 Legends Sergio Mendes Universal  
2006 More Stan Getz for Lovers Stan Getz Verve  
2007 Brasil Sempre: O Melhor... Sergio Mendes Globo/Uni  
2008 Gold Stan Getz Universal Madrugada (producer, composer)
2008 Swing Style Various Artists Lola's World Watch What Happens
2009 The Best Sergio Mendes Universal  
2010 Play the Hits Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 A&M