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Cud E.P.

Cud Sampler Cassette

Cud's Ode to Christmas


Neurotica/1.W.G.S./Juicy Eureka

Neurotica/Juicy Eureka/1.W.G.S./Brand Name Skin

Oh No Won't Do

Oh No Won't Do/Ariel

Oh No Won't Do/Profession/Ariel/Price Of Love

Once Again

Once Again/Day By Day

Once Again/Day By Day/Eau Water/Soul Food

One Giant Love

One Giant Love/Look On Up At the Bottom/Find It

Purple Love Balloon/Remember What It Is That You Love

Purple Love Balloon/Spanish Love Song

Rich and Strange

Rich and Strange/Do It Again/A Song Called That

Rich and Strange/Love Mandarin

Rich and Strange/Purple Love Balloon/Day By Day/Once


Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones/My Need to Hurry/Ski Bum

Sticks and Stones/Ski Burn

Through the Roof

Through the Roof/Undoubtedly Thomas

Through the Roof/Undoubtedly Thomas/Prime Cut