Extreme References

The reference sources are from major music trade publications and newspapers worldwide. You can sort the list by the article title or the publication date.

Reference Title Date Sort descending
Extreme (record reviews). Kim Neely. Rolling Stone, 170. 1989-7-13
Extreme (SP 5236) review. RPM, 10.
Pornograffitti. Kim Neely. Rolling Stone, 162. 1990-10-4
Extreme, Alice in Chains (concert review). Chris Morris. Billboard, 102:32. 1990-11-24
Reviews: More Than Words (75021 1552). Billboard, 75.
New Faces 1991: Extreme. K. Neely. Rolling Stone, 602:65. 1991-4-18
New Album Means More Than Mild Success For Extreme. E. Halbersberg. Billboard, 103:26. 1991-6-15
Extreme Aid (The Beat). T. Duffy. Billboard, 103:40. 1991-10-5
Platinograffitti (photo with A&M Canada executives). Billboard, 76.
Live! Melody Maker, 67:12. 1991-11-30
III Sides to Every Story. Greg Sandow. Entertainment Weekly, 58. 1992-10-2
Band in Boston. Lisa Russell. People Weekly, 38:95. 1992-12-21
III Sides To Every Story. Michael Wright. Goldmine, 111.
Extreme. Robert Sandall. Q. 1992-10
III Sides to Every Story. Ann Powers. New York Times, 142:H25.
III Sides To Every Story. Billboard. 1992-10-3
III Sides to Every Story. Dana Tofig. Hartford (CT) Courant, 7.
Extreme's Triple Play. Kim Neely. Rolling Stone, 21. 1992-8-6
III Sides to Every Story. Time, 141:65. 1993-1-18
Extreme Drives Crowd Wild With Wall Of Sound. Dana Tofig. Hartford (CT) Courant.
III Sides to Every Story. Parke Puterbaugh. Stereo Review, 58:82. 1993-1
A&M's Extreme Sees Its Career As Much More Than Words. Jon Cummings. Billboard, 106:19.
Waiting for the Punchline. David Hiltbrand. People Weekly, 43:21. 1995-1-23
Waiting for the Punchline. Chuck Eddy. Entertainment Weekly, 50. 1995-1-27
Punch & Beauty: Nuno's 4th Round Knockout. James Rotondi. Guitar Player, 29:78. 1995-2