Gin Blossoms Discography

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20th Century Masters the Millennium Collection

Allison Road

Allison Road/1994

As Long As It Matters

As Long As It Matters/Allison Road

As Long As It Matters/Memphis Time/Mrs. Rita/Hands Are Tied

Congratulations I'm Sorry

Congratulations I’m Sorry

Day Job

Follow You Down

Follow You Down/Til I Hear It From You

Found Out About You

Found Out About You/Hey Jealousy

Hey Jealousy

Hey Jealousy/29


Just South Of Nowhere

Lost Horizons

Mrs. Rita

New Miserable Experience

New Miserable Sampler

Outside Looking In: the Best Of

Playlist Your Way

Shut Up and Smoke

Til I Hear It From You

Til I Hear It From You/Seeing Stars/Idiot Summer/Hands Are Tied

Until I Fall Away

Until I Fall Away '94

Up and Crumbling