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141 632 6326

Better Days

Better Days/When You Love Somebody

Better Days/When You Love Somebody/Coming Home

Crazy You

Crazy You/Some Things Never Change/A Woman Like You

Don't Say It's Over

Don't Say It's Over/Better Days/Money (Everybody Loves Her)

Don't Say It's Over/Steal Your Fire

Don't Say It's Over/Steal Your Fire/Shame On You

Feeling Within


Higher Ground

Higher Ground/Run

Inside Out

Inside Out/Back to Where We Started

Inside Out/Back to Where We Started/Where Do We Go?

Inside Out/Honey (Everybody Loves Her)

Money (Everybody Loves Her)

Money (Everybody Loves Her)/Prime Time

Money (Everybody Loves Her)/Prime Time/Dance

Money to Burn

Money to Burn/Long Road

My Sweet Jane

My Sweet Jane/Going Down

Seems Like I'm Losing You

Shame On You

Shame On You/Better Days

Shame On You/Money (Everybody Loves Her)

Something Worthwhile

Something Worthwhile/Suffragette City/Children Of the Revolution/Word Up

Steal Your Fire

Steal Your Fire/Don't Blame Me

Steal Your Fire/Don’t Blame Me


Taking On the World

Taking On the World/Better Days

Taking On the World/Don't Believe a Word

Taking On the World/Gallus

The Collection

The Only One

The Only One/Inside Out/So Lonely/Time/Word Up

Watching the World Go By

Welcome to the Real World

Welcome to the Real World/Standing In Your Shadow

Word Up

Word Up/Stay Forever

Word Up/Stay Forever/Man I Used to Be/Stranger