Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Discography

There are 1861 recordings for Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. Click the links for the worldwide releases by recording title then click the stock number for the detailed discography including tracks, credits, format and release information.

A Arte de Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

A Banda

A Banda/A Taste Of Honey

A Banda/Carmen

A Banda/If I Were a Rich Man

A Banda/In a Little Spanish Town/Miss Frenchy Brown/Lady Godiva

A Banda/Miss Frenchy Brown

A Banda/Tijuana Taxi

A Beautiful Friend

A Message From Herb Alpert/Mexican Shuffle

A Quiet Tear

A Taste Of Herb

A Taste Of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

A Taste Of Honey

A Taste Of Honey/All My Loving/Lemon Tree/The Girl From Ipanema

A Taste Of Honey/Cinco de Mayo/The Work Song/What Now My Love

A Taste Of Honey/El Garbanzo

A Taste Of Honey/Love Potion No. 9

A Taste Of Honey/Mexican Shuffle

A Taste Of Honey/The Lonely Bull

A Taste Of Honey/The Work Song

A Taste Of Honey/Third Man Theme

A Taste Of Honey/Tijuana Taxi/South Of the Border/I Will Wait For You

A Walk In the Black Forest

A Walk In the Black Forest/Zorba the Greek


A-me-ri-ca /Spanish Harlem/Swinger From Seville/The Winds Of Barcelona

A&M Gold Series

A&M Gold Series Vol. 2

A&M New Gold Series

A&M Startrax

Acapulco 1922

Acapulco 1922/Never On Sunday/A Quiet Tear/Let It Be Me

Adios, Mi Corazon

All My Lovin’

All My Lovin’/El Presidente/The Girl From Ipanema/Angelito

All My Loving

Alone Again (Naturally)

Always Have a Dream


Ameriachi! Vol. 1

Ameriachi! Vol. 2

Ameriachi! Vol. 3

Ameriachi! Vol. 4


America/Spanish Harlem

America/The Lonely Bull

And the Angels Sing



At Christmas

Bean Bag

Belz Mein Shtetele Belz (My Home Town)

Best Of Herb Alpert & the TJB

Best Of Herb Alpert 100% Stereo


Bittersweet Samba

Bittersweet Samba/Lollipops and Roses

Bittersweet Samba/The Maltese Melody

Blue Sunday


Box Set



Brasilia/Mexico/Panama/Mexican Corn



Buenas Dias Senor Sol


Bullish/Oriental Eyes

Bullish/The Midnight Tango



Cabaret/Flea Bag/Slick/Cowboys and Indians


Cabaret/Slick/This Guy’s In Love With You/A Quiet Tear

Cabaret/This Guy’s In Love With You

Camino a Mexico

Cantina Blue

Carman Vol. II


Carmen 70

Carmen/Flea Bag/With a Little Help From My Friends/Cowboys and Indians

Carmen/Love So Fine

Carmen/Magic Trumpet

Carmen/My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Carmen/My Heart Belongs to Daddy/The Love Nest/With a Little Help From My Friends


Casino Royale

Casino Royale/Bean Bag

Casino Royale/Bo-Bo/Blue Sunday/Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Casino Royale/Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Casino Royale/Mame/A Banda/The Happening

Casino Royale/Mexican Road Race/Wade In the Water/South Of the Border

Casino Royale/So What’s New?

Casino Royale/The Happening

Casino Royale/The Wall Street Rag

Casino Royale/The Wall Street Rag/Wade In the Water/I Will Wait For You

Casino Royale/The Wall Street Rag/Wade In the Water/Mexican Road Race

Casino Royale/Wall Street Rag

Catch a Falling Star


Christmas Album