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1980 1979
"8" BallRomeo Williams, John Barnes1985
3 O'clock JumpEduardo delBarrio, Shorty Rogers1989
Acapulco 1922(as Dave Alpert)1962
Across the BridgeJeff Lorber1996
African Flame (AKA Karen)John Barnes1985
All Of My LifeLou Adler1958
Alpert Fox 0000
America the Beautiful (arr.) 1988
Amorous CatEduardo delBarrio, Stan Getz1990
ApasionadoEduardo delBarrio, Stan Getz1990
Aria 1976
As Long As Life Goes OnLou Adler1958
Baila Conmigo (Dnace with Me)Oskar Cartaya1997
Be MineFrank D'Amico0000
Beach PartyLani Kal (George Woodd)1959
Bean BagJohn Pisano, Julius Wechter1966
Behind the Rain 1976
Bim BamLou Adler1958
Can't Stop Thinking About You 1996
Carmen (arr.)Peter Matz1967
Carmine 1975
Cat Man DoRoy Bittan1987
Catch MeRomeo Williams, John Barnes, Jon Hendricks1985
CheekyHussain Jiffry, Michael Shapiro2015
Circle RockLou Adler1958
City TerraceGreg Smith1991
CobaEduardo delBarrio, Stan Getz1990
Cote D'AzurBill Cantos, Jeff Lorber2013
Daily Show Cues 2006
Dancing in the LightRomeo Williams, John Barnes, Jon Hendrics1985
Danny Boy (arr.) 2015
Day Will Come (the) 0000
Deana BabyLou Adler1958
Did You Have a Merry ChristmasJames Wasburne2000
DinaAlf Brinton1963
Don't Be Afraid to Love MeFrank D'Amico0000
DoodlesEduardo delBarrio2016
Drivin' HomeJeff Lorber1996
Dum-DaFrank D'Amico0000
EspanolaEduardo delBarrio, Stan Getz1990
Fallout ShelterFrank D'Amico1962
Fantasy Island 1981
Finders KeepersLou Adler1960
FlirtationJeff Lorber1996
For Carlos (AKA Wind Song)John Pisano, Nick Ceroli, Guy Webster1966
Fox Hunt 1974
FriendsEduardo delBarrio1992
Fun HouseEduardo delBarrio, Shorty Rogers1989
FunhouseLou Adler1960
Funky ReggaeJimmy B1991
Grandpa Lou 0000
Great Manolete (the) (arr.) 1963
Green LemonadeBill Cantos, Jeff Lorber2013
Happy HourMichael Barone2005
Hidden AngelEduardo delBarrio1988
Hooray for the Big Slow TrainDon Drowty1962
Hully Gully (the)Lou Adler1959
I Can't Stop Thinking About You 1991
I Don't Need the StarsFrank D'Amico0000
I Need YouEduardo delBarrio1988
I Waited For You 0000
I'm Comin' Home 1978
I'm Gonna Find ItScott Turner1965
IncognitoEduardo delBarrio2016
Indian NationJeff Lorber0000
It's All for YouRomeo Williams, John Barnes1985
It's the Last DanceGreg Smith1991
Jacky's PlaceJeff Lorber2013
Je N'ai Jamais Compris Les FillesJerry Moss0000
JerusalemAlan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman1970
Jingle Bells (arr.)John Pisano1968
JolenaAlf Brinton1963
Jump StreetGreg Smith1991
Just a Dream AwayEduardo delBarrio1989
Just Another DayJeff Lorber, Brian Culbertson2010
Just One More NightBrice Coefield, Scott Turner1966
Just You and Me 1976
KalimbaMike Lang1989
Lady LoveRomeo Williams, Jon Hedricks1985
Lady Needs Romance (the) 0000
LegsEduardo delBarrio, Shorty Rogers1989
Life Is My SongJohn Barnes1984
Like Terrible 1962
Lost In a World 1958
Love AffairEduardo delBarrio2015
Love at First GlanceWill Calhoun, Doug Wimbish1999
Love Without WordsJohn Barnes1984
Lovers (the) 1977
MadrugadaEduardo delBarrio, Stan Getz1990
Magic ManMichael Stokes, Melvin Ragin1981
Make a WishJohn Barnes, Billy Griffin1984
Manhattan MelodyMichael Stokes, Michel Colombier1981
Marcia 0000
Mexican CornDon Bowman1963
Midnight RideEduardo delBarrio, Stan Getz1990
Midnight Tango 1977
MigrationBill Cantos, Jeff Lorber2013
Miss AmericaVincenza Catalano1962
Moonracers (the)Scott Turner1965
Moonza (AKA Munza)Caiphus Semenya1977
Musique 1976
My Abstract HeartEduardo delBarrio1989
My Heart Sings 1959
Mystery ManHussain Jiffry, Greg Manning2016
Na Na NaGreg Smith1991
New FadLou Adler1959
Night RideMichael Shapiro2015
Noche de AmorMichael Masser, Anahi1984
North on South St.Greg Smith1991
Ode to the SunMichel Colombier1988
Ollie 1970
On the Merry-Go-Round 1962
One-Finger Symphony 1960
One Night Lover 0000
Open Your Arms to the World
(Theme for Special Olympics)
Eduardo delBarrio, Hal David1991
Our SongSal Macaluso1987
Paradise 25Robert Jerald1991
Party (the)Scott Turner1965
Passion DanceOscar Cartaya1997
Passion LadyTroy Staton, Marc Jay Goodman, Mike Schlesinger1991
Passion PlayJohn Barnes1984
PluckyJohn Pisano1966
Poor Boy Needs a PreacherLou Adler1960
Promenade 1976
Pupil (the) 1964
Que Pasa Mr. Jones?Oscar Cartaya, Joe Rotondi, Jr.1997
Quiet Tear (a) 1962
RendezvousJeff Lorber1996
River RockLou Adler1958
Rocket to the MoonJohn Barnes1987
Romance DanceEduardo delBarrio1989
Second WindJeff Lorber1996
Secret Garden 1981
Shake ItEduardo delBarrio2016
Side Steppin'Jeff Lorber1996
SlickJohn Pisano1968
SlinkyJeff Lorber1997
Slow TrainWill Calhoun, Doug Wimbish1999
Sneakin' InJeff Lorber1996
SneakyJeff Lorber2014
SohoEduardo delBarrio, Shorty Rogers1988
Something HappensDon Drowty1961
Soy SentimentalLou Adler, Raul Trana1958
Spanish Nights 1976
SpeakeasyJohn Pisano0000
Special Kind of LoveDon Drowty1963
Star Spangled Banner (arr.) 1988
Stormy SundayOskar Cartaya, Joe Rotondi, Jr.1997
Story of an Evergreen Tree (the)Frank D'Amico1962
Struttin' with Maria 1962
Sugar CaneJeff Lorber1996
SugarfootEduardo delBarrio2017
Superstunt CuesMichel Colombier0000
Surfin' SenoritaJerry Moss1963
Swinger from Seville 0000
Tell It to the Birds 1962
ThaliaEduardo delBarrio2016
There's a GirlLou Adler1959
Think About ItWill Calhoun, Doug Wimbish1999
This Game Called LoveLou Adler1960
Tijuana SauerkrautJerry Moss1962
Til SeptemberScott Turner1964
Time Has Come for Summer (the)Murry Schwimmer1963
TKOJeff Lorber1997
Tomorrow Will Be Better 1966
Tonight Was the NightFrank D'Amico0000
Until We Meet AgainEduardo delBarrio0000
Wade in the Water (adp.)Bob Edmondson, John Pisano1967
Walkin' TallHussain Jiffry2015
Watch Out For DonFrank d'Amico1962
Watch the Girls Strut ByLou Adler1958
What Did You Give the World Today 1961
Where's Tommy?Jimmy B, Eduardo delBarrio1991
Wherever You AreJeff Lorber1996
Wild RomanceRomeo Williams, John Barnes1985
Wind SongNick Ceroli, Paul Francis Webster1967
Windy CityJeff Lorber2015
With You in the NightLeon Ware1980
Wonderful World (What a)Lou Adler, Sam Cooke1960
Yankee Doodle (arr.) 1976
YouScott Turner1965
You Are the OneRomeo Williams, John Barnes, Brenda Russell1985
You Smile--the Song Begins 1974
You're a Part Of MeLou Adler1959
Your Daughter's HandLou Adler, George McCurn0000
Zoo Train 2014