Human League Discography

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Are You Ever Coming Back?/Jam

Are You Ever Coming Back/Jam



Dare to Be Romantic


Don't You Know That I Want You/Thirteen

Don't You Want Me

Don't You Want Me/I Believe In Love

Don't You Want Me/Love Action (I Believe In Love)

Don't You Want Me/Seconds


Fascination (Keep Feeling)

Fascination (Keep Feeling)/Mirror Man

Fascination (Keep Feeling)/Total Panic

Greatest Hits

Hard Times/Love Action (I Believe In Love)

Heart Like a Wheel

Heart Like a Wheel/Rebound


Human/Love Is All That Matters


I Need Your Loving

I Need Your Loving/Are You Ever Coming Back

I'm Going Back/Louise

Life On Your Own

Louise/World Tonight

Love Action (I Believe In Love)/Hard Times

Love Is All That Matters

Mirror Man/Non Stop


The Lebanon

The Lebanon/Thirteen

Things That Dreams Are Made Of