Jimmie Rodgers Discography

There are 65 releases for Jimmie Rodgers. Click below for detailed information.

Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now/I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Child Of Clay

Child of Clay

Child Of Clay/I'll Say Goodbye

Child Of Clay/Turnaround

Child Of Clay/Turnaround/Today/If I Were the Man

Child Of Clay/What a Strange Town

Dum Dum Song/Troubled Times

Father Paul/Me About You

How Do You Say Goodbye/I Wanna Be Free

I Believed It All/You Pass Me By

I'll Never Fall In Love Again

I'll Say Goodbye/Shadows

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again


Me About You/Father Paul

Shadows/I'll Say Goodbye

Today/The Lovers

Today/You Pass Me By

Tomorrow Is My Friend/Cycles

Tomorrow My Friend/Cycles

Troubled Times

What a Strange Town/If I Were the Man

Windmills Of Your Mind

Windmills Of Your Mind/L.A. Breakdown