Milltown Brothers Discography

There are 62 releases for Milltown Brothers. Click below for detailed information.

Apple Green

Apple Green/Natural/Silverton

Apple Green/Sally Ann/Nationality/Something Cheap

Apple Green/We've Got Time

Apple Green/When It Comes

Best Of the Milltown Brothers

Here I Stand

Here I Stand/Don't Breathe In

Here I Stand/Don't Breathe In/Jack Lemmon

Here I Stand/Don’t Breathe In

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

More Slinky

Sally Ann


Sleepwalking/Fee Fie Foe Fum


Turn Off

Turn Off-Turned On

Turn Off/Worldwide

Turn Off/Worldwide/Got This Feeling


Which Way Should I Jump?

Which Way Should I Jump?/Diplomat

Which Way Should I Jump?/Diplomat/Knives and Forks/Dropout

Which Way Should I Jump?/Natural/Silvertown/Diplomat