Petra Dove Award Nominations

 Artist Of the Year1984
More Power to YaContemporary Album Of the Year1984
Back to the StreetContemporary Album Of the Year1987
 Group Of the Year1987
 Artist Of the Year1987
Recording Years / Label
1984-1986 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Bob Hartman guitars, vocals
Greg X. Volz vocals
John Lawry keyboards, vocals
Louie Weaver drums, percussion
Mark Kelly bass, synthesizer bass, vocals
Name Birth Death
Bob Hartman 1949-12-26
Greg X. Volz 1950-01-12
John Lawry 1951-06-15
Louie Weaver 1951-07-13
Mark Kelly 1956-06-28
Name See associated acts
Greg X. Volz Greg X. Volz

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