Fairport Convention

The band members would convene at Simon Nichol's house that was named Fairport, hence Fairport Convention. It was the first British group to apply rock arrangements and instruments on traditional songs and also developing original folk-rock songs. 

Fairport Convention's first album with vocalist Sandy Denny was What We Did On Our Holidays. A&M Records later released it as Fairport Convention.

Signed to A&M Records in April 1969. Ian Matthews left Fairport as the band began work on the Unhalfbricking album. Liege and Lief was also recorded in 1969. As the eyar ended, Sandy Denny and Trevor Lucas wanted to form the group Fotheringay.

In 1971, Richard Thompson left Fairport Convention. 

In Australia, Full House peaked at #16.

Richard Thompson was voted 69 in Rolling Stone's 100 Guitarists of All Time.


Fairport Chronicles New Music On A&M Records
Meet On the Ledge press release

  1. Go-Set Charts
Recording Years / Label
1969-1974 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Ashley Hutchings 1968-1969 bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks 1970-1971 drums, harmonium, boran
Dave Pegg 1970-1971 vocals, bass, mandline
Dave Swarbrick 1970-1971 violin, mandolin, vocals
Ian Matthews 1968-1970 vocals, percussion
Martin Lamble 1968-1969 drums
Richard Thompson 1968-1969 guitar, vocals
Sandy Denny 1968-1969; 1974 vocals, guitar
Simon Nichol 1968-1971 guitar, vocals
Name Birth Death
Ashley Hutchings 1945-01-26
Dave Mattacks 1948-03-13
Dave Pegg 1947-11-02
Dave Swarbrick 1941-04-05 2016-06-03
Ian Matthews 1946-06-16
Martin Lamble 1949-08-28 1969-05-12
Richard Thompson 1949-08-03
Sandy Denny 1947-01-06 1978-04-21
Simon Nichol 1950-10-13
Name See associated acts
Ashley Hutchings Bunch
Dave Mattacks Bunch
Ian Matthews Ian Matthews
Richard Thompson BunchRichard Thompson
Sandy Denny BunchFotheringaySandy Denny

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