Fairport Convention

Signed to A&M Records in April 1969.

In Australia, Full House peaked at #16.

Richard Thompson was voted 69 in Rolling Stone's 100 Guitarists of All Time.


Meet On the Ledge press release

  1. Go-Set Charts
Recording Years / Label
1969-1974 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Ashley Hutchings 1968-1969 bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks 1970-1971 drums, harmonium, boran
Dave Pegg 1970-1971 vocals, bass, mandline
Dave Swarbrick 1970-1971 violin, mandolin, vocals
Ian Matthews 1968-1970 vocals, percussion
Martin Lamble 1968-1969 drums
Richard Thompson 1968-1969 guitar, vocals
Sandy Denny 1968-1969 vocals, guitar
Simon Nichol 1968-1971 guitar, vocals
Name Birth Death
Ashley Hutchings 1945-01-26
Dave Mattacks 1948-03-13
Dave Pegg 1947-11-02
Dave Swarbrick 1941-04-05 2016-06-03
Ian Matthews 1946-06-16
Martin Lamble 1949-08-28 1969-05-12
Richard Thompson 1949-08-03
Sandy Denny 1947-01-06 1978-04-21
Simon Nichol 1950-10-13
Name See associated acts
Ashley Hutchings Bunch
Dave Mattacks Bunch
Ian Matthews Ian Matthews
Richard Thompson BunchFrench-Frith-Kaiser-ThompsonRichard Thompson
Sandy Denny BunchFotheringaySandy Denny