Sandi Patti References

The reference sources are from major music trade publications and newspapers worldwide. You can sort the list by the article title or the publication date.

Reference Title Date Sort descending
Songs From the Heart. Caroline Amedea. CCM. 1984-10
Songs for the Family. Davin Seay. CCM. 1984-12
Sandi Patti Dominates Dove Awards. Billboard.
Hymns Just for You. Bob Darden. CCM. 1985-11
Sandi Patti & Word Records Pose a Problem in Power. Bob Darden. Billboard, 72.
Morning Like This. Bruce A. Brown. CCM. 1986-4
Sandi Patti: Flame Burns Bright for America's 'Torch Singer.' Billboard, G-4.
Make His Praise Glorious. Warren Anderson. CCM. 1988-4
Home & Heart. Warren Anderson. CCM. 1988-4
Word Up (photo). Billboard, 78.
Another Time... Another Place. Thom Granger. CCM. 1990-11