Toni Childs Discography

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Don't Walk Away

Don't Walk Away/Hush

Don't Walk Away/Stop Your Fussin'

Don’t Walk Away

Don’t Walk Away/Hush

Heaven's Gate

House Of Hope

House Of Hope/La Casa Della Speranza

I Want to Walk With You

I Want to Walk With You/Where's the Light

I've Got to Go Now

I've Got to Go Now/Don't Walk Away/Three Days

I've Got to Go Now/Three Days

I’ve Got to Go Now/Three Days

La Casa Della Speranza

Many Rivers to Cross

Many Rivers to Cross/Lost Angels Theme

Selections From House of Hope

Stop Your Fussin'

Stop Your Fussin'/Dreamer

Stop Your Fussin'/Dreamer/Tin Drum

Stop Your Fussin'/Where's the Ocean

Stop Your Fussin'/Where's the Ocean/Walk and Talk Like Angels

Stop Your Fussin’

The Very Best Of Toni Childs

Ultimate Collection


Very Best Of Toni Childs

Walk and Talk Like Angels

Walk and Talk Like Angels/Tin Drum


Zimbabwae/Let the Rain Come Down

Zimbabwae/Tin Drum

Zimbabwae/Where's the Ocean