Waylon Jennings

Signed a contract for a single with A&M Records on July 9, 1963 and to a three-year contract on April 16, 1964.

"We were the first to sign Waylon Jennings, back in 1964," Alpert said.

"I produced his first few albums. Chet Atkins heard (Waylon's A&M recording of) 'Four Strong Winds,' which I produced, and he talked to Waylon, which he shouldn't have done, since Waylon was under contract to us. Jerry and I both felt it would be in Waylon's best interest to go with Chet, who was a godfather of modern country music. Waylon had three years left on his (A&M) contract, and I said to Jerry: 'This guy will be a big artist.' And Jerry said: 'I know.'"


Official autobiography:  Waylon: An Autobiography 

No Bull: Herb Alpert Here Friday, Nov. 18. George Barga. San Diego Union. November 11, 2011.

Recording Years / Label
1963-1964 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar