Symphonic Slam

Symphonic Slam signed with A&M Records Canada in 1976. The first album was released in mid-September of that year. Timo Laine organized the group around a custom instrument, his 360 System Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer--a guitar with a synthesizer connected to each string that could be programmed and controlled by foot pedals. Laine also had a sequencer, loop device and vocal synthesizer--all when these were new devices in the music industry. 

David Stone had nine keyboards. With Laine's synthesizers and Jan Uvena's drums, the band took 8,000 pounds of instruments on tour. That did not count the sound or lighting systems.

The Symphonic Slam album was released in the U.S., Japan, Australia, Finland, Holland, England, Portugal and Sweden. It went on to be reissued in more than 50 countries.

Symphonic Slam signing with A&M Records Canada


Symphonic Slam's Timo Laine with Michael Godin, Jim Monaco and Terry Shephard.

Michael Godin A&M A&R, Timo Laine, Jim Monaco A&M publicity and publicist Terry Shephard. Photo by Matthew Wylie.


Symphonic Slam New Music On A&M Records


A&M--Seven Come Eleven. Alan Guettel and Boyd Tattrie. RPM, September 25, 1976.

Recording Years / Label
1976 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
David Stone 1976 keyboards, vocals
John Lowery 1976 drums, vocals
Timo Laine 1976 synthesizer, guitar, vocals
Jan Uvena 1976 drums
Name Birth Death
David Stone 1953-03-20
John Lowery
Timo Laine
Jan Uvena 1950-08-29
Name See associated acts
David Stone Rainbow

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