A&M Films & Video References

The reference sources are from major music trade publications and newspapers worldwide. You can sort the list by the article title or the publication date.

Reference Title Date Sort descending
A&M Label Into Film, Video Production. Variety, 250:49. 1968-4-17
A&M Into Film and TV Production. Record World, 4.
A&M Records Film Production Unit to Use Chaplin Studio. Boxoffice, 32.
A&M Records Will Enter Film Production Field. Boxoffice, 8.
Division to Use A&M Artists for TV, Films. Billboard, 14.
A&M Productions to Film 'God Speed the Night.' Boxoffice, W-4.
Film Company Formed. New York Times. 1968-4-12
A&M Stocks Faith in Cocker Film As Another Woodstock. Eliot Teagel. Billboard, 3.
Audio-Visual Production On Upswing at A&M. Sam Sutherland. Record World, 12.
A&M Stepping Into Films; Launches New Subsidiary. Billboard, 74.
Meyer Joins A&M Films. Record World, 6.
A&M Films Inc. Formed. Music Week.
A&M Films. Ira Mayer. Music Week, 26.
Videolabels: The Record Companies of the Future Today. Billboard, VM-8. 1983-11-19
September Bow for A&M Video. Paul Grein. Billboard, 6.
Teens of the Screen (The Breakfast Club). Washington Post. 1985-2-7
"The Breakfast Club." Joe Baltake. Philadelphia Daily News. 1985-2-15
Breakfast Club' a Film That's Easy to Swallow. Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution. 1985-2-15
Detention Hall with a Heart: Comedy 'Breakfast Club' Is Warm Film. Dallas Morning News. 1985-2-15
Film: Real Teenagers Inhabit This Comedy (The Breakfast Club). Philadelphia Inquirer. 1985-2-15
Peering Into Teen Minds (The Breakfast Club). Sacramento Bee. 1985-2-15
Breakfast Club' a Graceful Movie About Real Teens. Beacon Journal. 1985-2-16
Hughes' 'Breakfast Club' Is a Champion. Miami Herald. 1985-2-19
A&M Video Releasing 'Parenting' Title. Jim McCullaugh. Billboard, 6.
Video Link (photo). Billboard, 38.
A Battle From Hope to Glory. Aljean Harmetz. New York Times. 1992-5-24