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A&M Records Canada staff photo

A&M Team Meeting - The World of Music

Front: Michelle Henderson (Ontario marketing), Doug Chappell (national promotion), Gerry Lacoursiere (president), Joe Summers, Bill Ott, Gary Hubbard (VP Finance), Jim Monaco (publicity), Dan Hobbes (Calgary sales).

Middle: JP Guilbert (national promotion), Michael Godin (A&R), Joe Toews (Ontario sales), Lorna Richards-Guilbert (publicity), Ray Rosenberg (Ontario branch manager), Greg Barkley (Calgary sales),  Jan (Calgary office), Tom Jones (Winnipeg promotion),  Randy Wells (national promotion).

Top: David Andoff (art department), Don Rogers (Calgary promotion), Robert Lacoursiere, Dave Watt (Ontario marketing), Hank Koch (Ontario sales), Richard Lafrance (Montreal promotion), Al Harrison (Calgary branch manager), David Brian (Vancouver branch manager), Pat Ryan (Ontario promotion).


A&M Records Canada 1974 National Convention at the hotel The Chantecler Ste. Adele Quebec in 1974

 A&M Records Canada 1974 National Convention at the hotel The Chantecler Ste. Adele Quebec in 1974

A&M Canada sales convention

National Convention at Millcroft Inn, Alton Ontario, Canada with Herb Alpert and Gil Friesen


A&M Canada National Staff and Promotion Staff


Standing: Nick Carbone (Montreal promotion), Jim Monaco (national publicity), Ken Wells, Michael Godin (Toronto),David Bryan (Vancouver promotion), Neil MacGonigill (Calgary promotion)
Sitting: Daniel Morrison (Montreal promotion), Kim Sharpe (national publicity), Sue Llewellyn (nationa;l promotion), JP Guilbert (national promotion), Lee Silversides (Ontario promotion), Lorna Richards (national publicity), Doug Chappell (national promotion & artist development).

A&M Records Canada Caribbean Cruise 1980

A&M Records Canada tenth anniversary Caribbean Cruise January 1980 


Gino Vannelli, Montreal Branch

Jim Monaco (national publicity), Doug Chappell (promotion and artist development), Nicole Duschene (Quebec publicity), Gino Vannelli, Joe Vannelli,  JP Guilbert (national promotion), Daniel Morrison (Montreal sales), Luc Martel (Montreal promotion), Bill Ott (national sales). Photo courtesy Henry J. Kahanek.


Ontario Branch hosted Chris DeBurgh

Ontario Branch hosted Chris DeBurgh to promote his Crusader album. L-R Jim Monaco (Publicity),  
Bill Meehan (Ontario Branch Manager), Chris DeBurgh, and David Brian (Ontario Promotion).



Chris deBurgh with Ontario Branch

Jim Monaco (Publicity), Brian Master (CHUM FM), Chris deBurgh, Bill Meehan (Ontario Branch Manager), 
Davie Brian (Ontario Promotion) during the retail and media promotion of the Crusader album.


Janet Jackson, Toronto staff

Janet Jackson promoting Rhythm Nation 1814 in Toronto. Faisel Durrani (special projects), Randy Wells (national promotion), 
Joe Summers (senior  VP and general manager),  Janet Jackson,  Bill Ott (VP sales), JP Guilbert (VP promotion), 
Ray Rosenberg (Ontario branch manager), Jim Monaco  (VP publicity).


Sting: Dream Of the Blue Turtles platinum award presentation Canada

The Dream Of the Blue Turtles platinum presentation. L-R: Jim Monaco (Publicity), JP Guilbert (Promotion), Gerry Lacoursiere (President), Bill Ott (sales), Sting, Pat Ryan (Ontario Promotion), Michelle Henderson (Marketing), Joe Summers (VP Sales and Marketing), and Michael Godin (A&R)




Pablo Cruise Vancouver, Canada 1976 CRIA Award

Pablo Cruise in Vancouver, Canada receiving platinum records for Worlds Away. 

Top Row L to R: David Jenkins, Jim Monaco (A&M Publicity), Cory Lerios, Neil McGonigill (A&M Calgary Branch), Al Harrison (A&M Calgary Branch Manager), Bob Brown, band manager, Richard Broden (A&M Vancouver Sales), Rudy LeValley (A&M Sales and Promotion, West Coast). 
Bottom RowL to R: Chuck Lutz, Pablo Cruise Road Manager, Doug Chappell (A&M VP Promotion & Artist Relations), Bruce Day, Steve Price. Photo courtesy Dee Lippingwell