Herb Alpert, Executive Vice President, Vice Chairman 
        Sheryl Lorence

Jerry Moss, President, Chairman 
        David Dashev 
        Lance Freed, executive assistant 
        Mike Gormley, assistant to the chairman 
        Andy Meyer, Assistant to the Chairman, VP Special Projects 
        Paulette Rapp 
        Diane Reti

Gil Friesen, GM, VP, President, director of administration and creative services, senior VP 
        Jeff Ayeroff, Special Assistant

Al Cafaro, Senior VP/GM, President, Chairman/CEO

Jolene Burton, VP Financial Affairs

Bob Fead, Senior VP of A&M, director of distribution (sales, promo, ads, special projects)

Harold Childs, VP Promotion

David Kershenbaum, VP Artists & Repertoire

Tommy LiPuma, VP/Creative Director of Horizon Records


Chuck Casell, Director of Consumer Communications, Director of Advertising Communication/Editorial Director

Mike Gormley, VP Communication


Write and direct advertising content
Centralized A&M’s writing assignments
Responsible for artist interviews, biographies, Bullets, Off the Record


Jon Echevarrieta, Director of Advertising and Merchandising Art

Barry Grieff, Merchandising Director

Kiki LaPorta, national advertising manager, Advertising Director

Joan Marker, Director of Advertising and Merchandising Art

Bob Reitman, Director of Advertising and Merchandising, VP Advertising & Marketing

Ed Rosenblatt, Director of Merchandising and Advertising

Janice Whiffen, National Advertising Manager


Plan, develop and execute advertising and merchandising programs with Creative Services and Graphics
Find effective ways to motivate consumers to buy A&M products
Knowing who the audience will be for a specific album
Direct mail, decals, coupons, postcards to request catalogs, catalog flyers
Manage the advertising agency, administer all distributor ads for radio, TV and print 
Coordinate tour support ads with regional merchandising directors 
Work with artists and manager to prepare and implement d campaigns for new releases 
Work With Creative Services on tone, thrust and style that distinguishes A&M’s approach


David Anderle, Director

Olivia Arias

Martin Kirkup, Director NY, VP Artist Development

Pat Luce, Director Artist Development NY

Wally Amos


Coordinate long-term planning for artists; shape, develop and give direction to their careers
Assist in determining album concepts
Develop budgets for advances, tours, hotel and travel, equipment purchases
Introduces artist to other A&M staff


Bob Garcia, Director


Oversee recording schedules, product releases, tour itineraries, coordinating travel schedules with field staff; album summaries previewing new releases
Translate artists needs to A&M and A&M’s needs to the artists


David Anderle, Director of Talent Development

John Anthony, East Coast Director of A&R

Gloria Calbreath, A&R administration manager

John Carter, Director A&R

Jools Clarke, West Coast A&R Representative, International Projects Coordinator

Kip Cohen, Director, VP A&R

Hernando Courtright, East Coast A&R Representative

Jack Daugherty

Debbie Frankson, Secretary and Assistant to associate director of A&R/New Talent Coordinator

Jordan Harris, Director of A&R

Cherie Hunt, Secretary and assistant to Director of A&R

Chuck Kaye, Director

David Kershenbaum, VP of A&R

Barry Korkin, Associate Director of A&R West Coast

Michael Leon, VP East Coast Operations

Tommy LiPuma first A&R employee

Larry Marks

Jody Orberg, secretary and assistant to VP of A&R

Steve Rowland, A&R Projects Coordinator

Bob Shulman, West Coast A&R Representative

Mark Spector, Director A&R West Coast

Billy Spencer

Allan Stanton

Chad Stuart

George Tobin

Margo Williams, secretary and assistant to VP East Coast Operations/New Talent Coordinator


Search for new talent in clubs and review demos 
Sign and guide talent; select material and producers; assure the quality and commerciality of recordings 
Develop existing artist roster to achieve next level(s) in their careers 
Liaison with artists, managers, producers, studio. Select producer or material 
Coordinate and schedule release of singles with sales, promotion, production


Clare Baren, Director


Produce, direct radio and TV commercials, promotional films and videos, presentations


Boo Frazier East and Director

Brenda Johnson West

Derry Johnson, national director of black music marketing

John McClain, Senior VP A&R of Urban

Dave Rosas, Senior VP Urban Promotion

Veta Victorian, South

Robert York, Midwest


Milt Olin, Director Business Affairs

Chuck Castle

Ken Powell, Director Business Affairs, VP Business Affairs

Abe Somer, corporate attorney (contracts, licensing), general counsel


Liaison between Herb, Jerry and Kip and the artist’s lawyers and managers to negotiate agreements


Lenny Bronstein

David Fitch

Lance Freed, Director College Promotion

Bob Frymire, regional college rep, Director College Promotion (National College Director)

Bob Garcia, initiated college rep program and its artist relations function<

Andy Meyer Pennsylvania rep, Director College Promotion

Ross Ojeda

Doreen Ringer

Rob Wunderlich, Director College Promotion 


College started in Ad/Merch and was shifted to promotion department.


Develop, design, implement all advertising campaigns directed toward the college market, both new releases and artist concerts on or near campus; place ads in college newspapers and on their radio stations. Represent A&M at college conventions and help break new artists in the college market. Public relations, advertising, merchandising, tour support, artist development, posters, displays
Offices in Balt/DC, Boston, NY/NJ, Upstate NY, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, western states, Illinois, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, southern states, San Francisco, Portland, OR

Started with 8 reps, expanded to 30. It was a “farm league for the promotion department”


Jeff Ayeroff, product coordinator, Director, VP Creative Services

Jamie Cohen, product coordinator

Jeff Gold, VP Marketing and Creative Services

Jordan Harris, product coordinator, Senior Product Manager

Martin Kirkup, Directive Creative Services NY

Dorene Lauer, prduct manager

Bud Scoppa, product manager/special projects


What the artist is, what the market is, how to advertise and sell our product”--album covers, advertising, merchandising (toys, posters, stickers, buttons….)
Once an artist is signed, a product manager is assigned to be the liaison between the artist and A&M
Chief liaison working with artists and their managers 
Represent A&M to artists and managers and represent them to A&M< 
Maintain A&M’s image as highly personable


Steve Bartels, Director

Manny Lehman, Director


Jolene Burton, operations manager (pressing, billing, printing, supplies, accounting), Controller, VP Financial Affairs

Michael Parkson, VP finance



Graphics in the record industry was always evolving. It moved from black and white to color, from paper album sleeves to print board, from completely in-house design to include use of freelance contractors; hand-drawn to computer aided design…and perhaps most importantly from the sales department controlling the graphics to the art directors. Even the days of having the artist’s name be prominent gave way. Gone are the days when the art director assigned a designer without knowing the artists, the music, or even their ideas about their image and what they wanted on their album cover.

Art directors and designers met with artists, managers, photographers and others who had a controlling interest in what the cover should be. The art directors entered meetings with ideas and also a willingness to listen and craft an idea that everyone could live with, if not love.

What remained the same was the identity on the cover. A&M had its own styles over the years but if you look at something as basic as the black and white publicity photos—just a photo with the artist name at the bottom—you can spot the A&M photo from any other record company. This was the realm of the art director: create a cohesiveness while maintaining the individuality of each artist and project.

The art department was always a small in-house staff supplemented by a network of freelance specialists to support the art director’s vision of the final product. Freelancers included stylists, photographers, photo retouchers, painters, airbrush illustrators, typographers, printmakers, silk screeners, ProPress film separators, model makers and more. Finally there was the direction and coordination with the printing houses to make sure the kind of ink, color, registration are correct or the die cut and lamination are as desired.

The graphics department appeared to be a relaxed, creative place but it had the pressure of being the last department to work on a recording before it went into production. Deadlines ruled the day making it creativity on demand. It was not simply the album cover, there were gatefold covers, special liners, posters, advertising, film techniques, merchandise and other associated pieces that need to be designed and created to support promotion and sales. The department worked closely with creative services, sales and marketing departments.


Complete credits by person for every album they worked are on the site. Click CREDITS in the menu.

PETER WHORF (1962 -1967)

August 11, 1931 – November 11, 1995

Nominated for six Grammy Awards in the Best Album Cover category including three for A&M, the photography on the Sandpipers Guantanamera album and Herb Alpert’s What Now My Love and Whipped Cream & Other Delights albums.

Whorf’s photography and design for the Whipped Cream album is both his and A&M’s most famous album cover. For Whorf, the design has been outright copied and riffed on since 1965.


TOM WILKES (1967 – 1970)

July 30, 1939 – June 28, 2009

Best Recording Package for Tommy by the London Symphony Orchestra

Tom Wilkes


ROLAND YOUNG (1970 – 1979)

To understate the man, Roland Young was blessed with both a very quick mind and a quick wit. His gift was pinpointing for you exactly what he wanted you to see and think about.

A&M hired Roland in January 1971 as its director of advertising art and record album design. A&M lured him away from Capitol Record were he was the album cover design head. At A&M, Roland was credited with over 550 projects as the art director (500 projects), designer, creative advisor, illustrator and photographer.

To Roland Young everything is connected. It is up to the designer to create connections to make something new and different, to see what things can be. If an image communicates the message, words are not necessary. All of the elements should add to the communication, those that don’t are decoration.

Roland’s influence extended to being a professor at the Art Center. Among the teaching moments in his class (from the video Roland Young Is God):

     “How do you communicate ice cream? It has all kinds of shit to communicate.”
     “Real seeing is forgetting the name of the object that you’re looking at.”
     “What does that even mean?”
     “When you’re a designer you take in everything. Everything become a part of it.”
     “Go after it like a designer goes after it.”
     “What do you have to say about [the subject]?”

Roland was elected to NARAS Chapter Board



A Beeson album cover tells a story; its elements are tributes to what the artist or the music on the album means.

Always a unique design problem to solve and new techniques to create.

Hired by Tom Wilkes in 1967 to create advertising, posters, film techniques, retail displays…in total 435 projects with more than 10,000 individual pieces.

The refrigerator in the graphics department’s kitchen area stored Kodak film for photo sessions…and was the justification given to accounting for the need to have it. As Chuck put it, “We were creative people.”

Concepts, Titles, Photographs, Typography, Techniques and Compositions….Attracting and Creating Impact At Retail

Beeson holds the distinction of being the art director and/or designer on all of Carole King’s Ode albums (1971-1976). Lou Adler requested him on all of the Ode albums. Among his other most famous covers were: 
     Styx albums (1975-1983, Equinox through Caught In the Act),
     The Police badge singles and wallets, 
     Frampton Comes Alive! picture disc,
      Squeeze’s “6 Songs Crammed Into a 10” Record” die cut (The cover was actually a 12” cover that was literally squeezed by hands to Beeson’s measurements then photographed by Mark Hanauer and completed with a photo of the group and some silk screened elements.),
     The Backlot Greatest Hits series….How do you create a special series? What do you name it? How do you create continuity in the visuals? How do you keep the scale, so the appearance of the covers always have the same elements that relate?

Masters of their techniques, always ready to work and follow the concept—Beeson on successful freelancers


JERI HEIDEN (April 1995 – January 1999)

In April 1995, Heiden was hired as the senior vice president of creative services. She had been Warner Brothers vice president of creative services and chief art director.


Jackie Ingle—secretary Photo Dept & Graphics 1967-1993 
Lynn Robb


Mark Hanauer, photographer

Jim McCrary, chief photographer

Guy Webster


Sharon Kleinbeck


Dave Hubert, VP International

Karen Lipold, merchandising manager

Jack Losmann, International Operations Manager, International Marketing Director, managing director

Susan Woodnick international promotion director


Established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada and England plus 46 affiliates worldwide
Artist tour planning, including international tours and television performances
Public relations
Contract negotiation
Promotion and release of A&M product globally including promotional materials 
Work directly with affiliated companies in 46 countries


Bob Housman


Demographics, sales information


Marv Dorfman, Director

Bernie Grossman, Director


Deal with distributors and major national accounts; have the product out and as visible as possible
A&M’s corporate advertising campaigns run in conjunction with retail outlets in print, radio, TV
Oversees in-store promotions, displays


Dave Alpert, Director of Studio Management, Planning and Construction, VP Operations

Johnny Ozuna, Security




Louise Barnum, secretary, production assistant, production manager, manager of record production, Director

Joan Dlugathc, promotion coordinator

Janice Imberton, manager jacket production

Dorene Lauer, product manager

Chuck Wardman first Production Director


Takes the mastertape through to final product
Coordinates with Creative Services, Graphics, Sales, Promotion, product managers, pressing plants
Tracks inventory and ships new products to radio stations


Marko Babineau

Jesse Barnett, National Promotion Coordinator

Jan Basham

Chuck Bliziotis local promo Boston

Joan Blugatch

Mike Bone

JB Brenner, promo DC, National AOR Promo Director LA

Kiki Bridges

Lenny Bronstein, college promotion, NY promo, West Coast regional special projects promotion, album promotion coordinator, National FM Promo Coordinator

Jheryl Busby

Al Cafaro, National AOR Promo Director NY

Rich Callaway California Black

Harold Childs, Album field coordinator, Director NY Office, National Promotion Director, VP Promotion, Senior VP Promotion

Ernie Campagna, first local promotion man, first regional promotion persona, VP of A&M New England

Ed Climie local promo Dallas

Paul Crowley local promo Charlotte

Sue DeBenedette local promo NY

Eddie DeJoy

Jeff Dean

Iris Dillon local promo San Francisco

Jerry Doughman local promo Seattle

Steve Dunn midwest region promotion director

Lee Durham local promo ATL

DJ Ennis local promo DC

David Ezzell, National Promotion Director

Ron Farber northeast region promotion director

Gwen Frank

Boo Frazier R&B>

John Ferrer

David Fitch local promo rep, regional rep, SE regional

Keith Frey ATL Black

Bob Frymire, regional promo rep AZ

Rich Galliani local promo San Francisco

Jesus Garber, Dir. Black Music Marketing/Promo

Denise George, Detroit

Don Graham, National Promotion Director

Larry Green, Asst. National Promotion Director, western region promotion director

Ross Grierson local promo Cincinnati, Chicago

Bernie Grossman, promotion New England

Guy Haines, Northern California promotion

Kevin Harewood college rep


Brenda Johnson R&B

Derry Johnson first black promotion manager

Step Johnson, VP Promotion Black

Woody Johnson black DC

Jon Konjoyan, National Singles Director

Bob Knight

Barry Korkin, promotion Boston

Craig Lambert, National AOR Promo Director Chicago

Michael Leon NY radio promotion manager

Mike Leventon

Jerry Love

Al Marks local promo DC, ATL

Patti Martin local promo Houston

Mark Mazzetti local promo Philadelphia

Dick Merkle local promo Denver

June Mhoon Chicago black

Charlie Minor, Atlanta local promotion, Southern regional manager, national singles promotion director, Senior VP Promotion LA

Al Moinet, promotion Atlanta/NOLA, Southern Regional Promotion, National Promotion Director, VP Promotion

Peter Mollica, NY regional prmo rep, Assistant Director National Promotion

Melanie Moore

Peter Napoliello, Senior VP Promotion

Richard Pachter Buffalo and Miami promo

Steve Pachter college rep, St. Louis promo rep

Johnny Powell promotion and marketing DC

Phil Quartararo, local promo DC

Aileen Randolph

Madeline Randolph

Michael Redwine Dallas black

Steve Resnick, National Promotion Director

Mike Rittberg

Cheryl Roach

Susan Ross

Steve Rubin

Bob Scharbert

Johnny Schuler

Wayne Schuler

Jeffrey Schulman

Donnie Sellers Philadelphia Black

Jerry Sharell, National Promotion Director

Gail Davis Silberman

Ray Smith, National Director Dance Music

David Steffen local promo rep

Greg Steffen

Rick Stone, NY radio promotion manager, VP Promotion NY, national promotion director

Kelly Summers local promo LA

Gary Tanner

Bob Tarantino locoal promo Chicago

Alvin Thomas R&B

Mark Tindle

Don Tolle southern region promotion director

Rich Totoian, Director of Album Promotion, National FM Promo Director

Van Arsdale

Mark Williams

Eva Woods local promo DC

Jordan Zucker local promo Miami


Jean and Jan
Larry and HarrietbrCathy Al Moinet’s assistant


Contact radio stations and get radio to play product; maintain mailing lists for radio 
Develop special promotion contests, give aways 
Liaison with the chart department of the music trades and supply them with sales figures, station ads, breakouts
Special artist events
Break singles and new acts
Take local excitement for an artist or record and make it go national
Internship program


Susan Brainin, national tour press coordinator

Cathy Brown

Lee Cadorette, Director West Coast Publicity

Janice Circone

Bernard Comas, national publicity coordinator for special projects

Paul Cooper

Barbara Fisher, associate tour press publicity

Bob Garcia, bio writer, publicity director

Peggy King, associate West Coast Publicity

Martin Kirkup, Director East Coast Publicity

Dorene Lauer, Director West Coast Publicity

Mike Ledgerwood, Director East Coast Publicity, Publicity Director London

Alan Levy, Publicity Manager, national manager

Jason McCloskey, director international publicity promotion

Didi McNeil

Andy Meyer, Director Public Relations

Risa Potter assistant to the director

Kathy Schenker, VP Publicity

Harriet Schwarts, publicity director NY

Bud Scoppa, staff writer, Product Manager/Special Projects

Derek Taylor, Artist/PR writer

Tom Vicker, Publicity Director


Build relationships with media (consumer and trade newspapers and magazines) and get coverage
General public relations
Liner notes, ads, sticker copy, assist with album packaging


Marv Bornstein, Director


Ensure product faithfully reproduces the master tape


Louise Barnum, administrative assistant

Ernie Campagna, first national singles sales manager, National Director of Sales, VP Sales

Marv Dofrman, regional sales, National Sales Manager

Robert Elliot first director sales research and communication

Bob Fead, National Sales Manager, VP Sales and Distribution, Senior VP Sales and Distribution

Jill Glass, VP Marketing

Bernie Grossman promotion, western regional marketing director, national singles sales manager

Arnie Orleans, National Sales Manager for Records

Bob Knight, Director of Special Marketing Projects

Jayne Neches Simon west coast regional marketing director

John Powell, national manager of retail promotion

David Steffen, Midwest sales rep, national director Singles Sales, albums, tapes and regional staff

Rick Stone ocal marketing coordinator

Z Zimmerman special projects coordiator

Iggy Pop and A&M (US) Sales Dept.

Iggy Pop with A&M Records' US Sales Department



Marketing albums in the U.S.to stores via distributors—making music accessible
Marketing singles by working with distributors and regional promotion and sales staff
Develop new and innovative ways of marketing records; special campaigns and contests; coverage of tour campaigns; mail order campaigns; promotions


David Anderle, Director


Lenny Bronstein, west coast regional projects rep

Bob Brownstein, special projects coordinator

Al Edmondson, Jr. Director of Special Projects, R&B


Communicate with disc jockeys, program and music directors


Bob Elliott, Director

Ed Rosenblatt, administrative assistant


Production, sales and distribution of tapes in the U.S.

A&M Records: Employee 10 Year Anniversary Award



A&M Records held national and international meetings at it headquarters in Los Angeles each year. Sales, promotion, marketing, executives were all invited to attend discussions on business practices and be introduced to new artists and new recordings. These are the official group photos from some of those meetings.


A&M Records U.S. employees in 1968


A&M Records employees spell out TJB 1968



A&M National Meeting 1984



A&M Records National Meeting 1985



A&M Records National Meeting 1987



A&M Records Staff 1988



A&M Records Staff 1989


A&M Records Los Angeles Family: have a photo you'd like added? E-mail it to On A&M Records webmaster.

We celebrate the A&M Records Family. Because there were so many employees, we have pages for Los Angeles, New York. The pages for A&M Studios, A&M Canada, A&M Ltd. and A&M Europe can be found with their histories. 

Andrea Acardo
A&M Records: Andrea Acardo, Joe Jackson, Michelle Marx










Andrea Acardo, Joe Jackson, Michelle Marx 

David Anderle
A&M Records: David Anderle
Dave Alpert
A&M Records: Betty Fuji, Jordan Harris, Dave Alpert











Betty Fuji, Jordan Harris, Dave Alpert 

Jeff Ayeroff
A&M Records: Jeff Ayeroff















Jeff Ayeroff and Jesus Garber

Marv Bornstein
A&M Records: Marv Bornstein, Bob Garcia, Mark Chapman











Marv Bornstein, Bob Garcia, Mark Chapman 

Cathy Brown
A&M Records: Cathy Brown
Al Cafaro
A&M Records: Harold Childs, Al Cafaro, Michael Leon











Harold Childs, Al Cafaro, Michael Leon 

Ernie Campagna
A&M Records: Ron Farber, Ernie Campagna










Ron Farber, Rich Totoian, Ernie Campagna 

Mark Chapman
A&M Records: Marv Bornstein, Bob Garcia, Mark Chapman











Marv Bornstein, Bob Garcia, Mark Chapman 

Harold Childs
A&M Records: Harold Childs, Al Cafaro, Michael Leon











Harold Childs, Al Cafaro, Michael Leon 

Jamie Cohen
A&M Records: Jamie Cohen











Mitch Delevie and Jamie Cohen 

Mitch Delevie
A&M Records: Mitch Delevie
Marv Dorfman
A&M Records: Marv Dorfman and Sherry Levy










Marv Dorfman and Sherry Jones Levy 

Ed Eckstine
A&M Records: Bob Frymire, Ed Eckstine












Bob Frymire, Ed Eckstine 

Ron Farber
A&M Records: Ron Farber, Ernie Campagna










Ron Farber, Rich Totoian, Ernie Campagna 

David Fitch
A&M Records: David Fitch, David Steffen, Alan Oken











David Steffen, David Fitch, Alan Oken, Tim Curry, The Police 

Bob Frymire
A&M Records: Bob Frymire and The Police










Bob Frymire and The Police 

Betty Fuji
A&M Records: Betty Fuji, Jordan Harris, Dave Alpert











Betty Fuji, Jordan Harris, Dave Alpert 

Jesus Garber
A&M Records: Jesus Garber, Iris Perkins










Jesus Garber, Iris Perkins, Barry White and guests 

A&M Records: Jeff Ayeroff















Jeff Ayeroff and Jesus Garber

Bob Garcia
A&M Records: Marv Bornstein, Bob Garcia, Mark Chapman











Marv Bornstein, Bob Garcia, Mark Chapman 

Jeff Gold
A&M Records: Jeff Gold
Rob Gold
A&M Records: Rob Gold and Herb Alpert



















Rob Gold and Herb Alpert 

Mike Gormley
A&M Records: Mike Gormley and Stewart Copeland














Mike Gormley and Stewart Copeland 

Larry Green
A&M Records: Larry Green
Jordan Harris
A&M Records: Betty Fuji, Jordan Harris, Dave Alpert











Betty Fuji, Jordan Harris, Dave Alpert 

Barbara Kauahi
A&M Records: Barbara Kauahi
Peggy King
A&M Records: Peggy King, Bud Scoppa, Bob Frymire











Peggy King, Bud Scoppa, Bob Frymire 

Jon Konjoyan
A&M Records: Jon Konjoyan, Paul Grein, Paul Williams










Jon Konjoyan, Paul Grein and Paul Williams 

Linda Lamon
A&M Records: Linda Lamon











Linda Lamon with Bodhi and Galen 

Barbara LeBlanc
A&M Records: Barbara LeBlanc
Mike Ledgerwood
A&M Records: Mike Ledgerwood, Sherry Levy, Dee Jamieson, Rich Aarons









Mike Ledgerwood, Sherry Levy, Dee Jamieson, Rich Aarons 

Michael Leon
A&M Records: Harold Childs, Al Cafaro, Michael Leon











Harold Childs, Al Cafaro, Michael Leon 

Michelle Marx
A&M Records: Michelle Marx


















photo by Paddy Reynolds 

Don Mizell
Don Mizell A&M Records employee
Alan Oken
A&M Records: David Fitch, David Steffen, Alan Oken











David Steffen, David Fitch, Alan Oken, Tim Curry, The Police 

Deborah Patino
A&M Records: Deborah Patino
Iris Perkins
A&M Records: Jesus Garber, Iris Perkins










Jesus Garber, Iris Perkins, Barry White and guests 

Patrick Ryan
A&M Records: Patrick Ryan
Bud Scoppa
A&M Records: Peggy King, Bud Scoppa, Bob Frymire











Peggy King, Bud Scoppa, Bob Frymire 

Johnny Shuler
A&M Records: Johnny Shuler and Herb Alpert















Johnny Shuler and Herb Alpert 

Jayne Neches Simon
Jayne Niches, Kate Tews, unknown










Jayne Neches Simon, Kate Tews 

David Steffen
A&M Records: David Fitch, David Steffen, Alan Oken











David Steffen, David Fitch, Alan Oken, Tim Curry, The Police 

Babs Stock
A&M Records: Babs Stock and Tim Curry










Babs Stock and Tim Curry 

Stacie Surabian
A&M Records: Stacie Serbian
Kate Tews
Jayne Niches, Kate Tews, unknown










Jayne Neches Simon, Kate Tews, Geoffrey Weiss 

Greg Torrington
A&M Records: Greg Torrington and Joe Jackson










Greg Torrington and Joe Jackson 

Rich Totoian
A&M Records: Rich Totoian














Rich Totoian and Lani Hall Alpert

Kathy Turner
A&M Records: Kathy Turner











Kathy Turner and Tommy Shaw

Bob Vogt
A&M Records: Bob Vogt
Michael Wright
A&M Records: Mike Wright


Chuck Mangione and and NYC Staff


Jimmy Zisson, Ernie Campagna, Rich Totoian, Chuck Mangione, Kevin Harewood, Marv Bornstein, Rich Stone, Tom Sheehy, Mel Zucker


A&M Records New York Family: have a photo you'd like added? E-mail it to On A&M Records webmaster.

A&M Records New York. The small but mighty team that not only managed East Coast operations (sales, promotion, marketing and more) but was also home to the headquarters of some of A&M Records distributed labels. The New York office was a vital contributor to much of what happened in Los Angeles.

Rich Aarons
A&M Records: Mike Ledgerwood, Sherry Levy, Dee Jamieson, Rich Aarons









Mike Ledgerwood, Sherry Levy, Dee Jamieson, Rich Aarons 

Tina Amico
A&M Records: Tina Amico, Rich Totian











Tina Amico and Rich Totoian 

JB Brenner
A&M Records: JB Brenner, Sherry Levy










JB Brenner, Sherry Levy 

Doreen Courtright
A&M Records: Doreen Courtright











Doreen Courtright, Hernando Courtright, Kathy Turner 

Hernando Courtright
A&M Records: Hernando Courtright











Doreen and Hernando Courtright 

Marv Dorfman
A&M Records: Marv Dorfman and Sherry Levy










Marv Dorfman, Sherry Jones Levy 

Boo Frazier
A&M Records: Boo Frazier, Rich Totoian











Boo Frazier and Rich Totoian 

Dee Jamieson
A&M Records: Mike Ledgerwood, Sherry Levy, Dee Jamieson, Rich Aarons









Mike Ledgerwood, Sherry Levy, Dee Jamieson, Rich Aarons 

Sherry Jones Levy
A& Records: Sherry Jones Levy
Joanna Scaltro
A&M Records: Joanna Scaltro









Patrick and Sherry Levy, Joanna Scaltro 

Rick Stone
A&M Records: Rick Stone, Mike Gormley, Bob Frymire










Rick Stone, Mike Gormley, Bob Frymire 

Rich Totoian
A&M Records: Tina Amico, Rich Totian











Tina Amico and Rich Totoian 

Kathy Turner
A&M Records: Kathy Turner and Rich Totoian











Kathy Turner and Rich Totoian 

Margo Williams
A&M Records: Margo Williams, Sherry and Patrick Levy








Margo Williams, Sherry and Patrick Levy 

Diane Winter
A&M Records: Diane Winter


A - FG - MN - Z
Rich Aarons
Tina Amico
JB Brenner
Harold Childs, Director
Doreen Courtright
Hernando Countright
Boo Frazier Special Products Black
Mel Furhman, Director
Dee Jamieson
Martin Kirkup
Mike Ledgerwood, Director of Publicity
Michael Leon, promotion
Sherry Jones Levy
Peggy King
Pat Luce, director East Coast publicity
Joanne Scaltro
Susan Schops
Rick Stone
Rich Totoian
Kathy Turner
Margo Williams
Jimmy Zisson, General Manager