Thank you to all of the very talented members of the I.R.S. Records family.

If your name does not appear on the list, please send an e-mail and let us include you in the credits. When you write, please include the years you worked at I.R.S./A&M and your job title or the name of the department where you worked. This information is also used to validate your registration for our Employee Discussion areas--a forum available exclusively for A&M artists and staff.

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Andrea Accardo
Betsy Alexander
Keith Altomare
Kathy Bacigalupo Turner
Cary Baker
Stacy Banet
Lori Blumenthal
Jay Boberg
Barbara Bolan
Hugh Brown
Paul Colichman
Mark Cope
Miles Copeland
Tom Corson
Phil Costello
Alician Culver
Mike Engstrom
Michael Garbo
Geoff Gans
Michael Grant
Carl Grasso
John Guarnieri
Susan Hale
Adrian Harewood
Kyle Hetherington
Meg Jones
Karen Kelly
Barney Kilpatrick
Ann Kinney
Ann Loureiro Kline
Kristen Kupper
Dave Krieger
Bob Laul
Dave Malin
Lauren Manduke
Richard Mazda
David Millman
Robynne Modiano
Lavonne (Meyer) Murlowski
Sheryl Northrop
Michael O'Brien
Paul Orescan
Michael Plen
Gabrielle Powell
Geoffrey Schulman
Sig Sigworth
Kevin Sutter
Steve Tipp
David Zislis