Thank you to all of the very talented members of the Perspective Records family.  

If your name does not appear on the list please e-mail On A&M Records webmaster and let us include you in the credits. When you write, please include the years you worked at Perspective/A&M and your job title or the name of the department where you worked.

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Jacquie Carter  
Don Clemmons  
Sheila Coates  
Don Eason  
Kevin Fleming  
Butch Hartfield  
Sharon Heyward  
Tammie Holt
Gwen Irby  
Jimmy Jam  
Felicia Jefferson  
Sonya Kates  
Terry Lewis  
Carey Martin  
Janine McAdams  
Arthel McDaniel III
Miguel Mojica (P-Street)  
Kai Morrison 
Iris Perkins
Junior Regisford  
Michele Smith  
Randy Spendlove  
Juanita Stephens  
Michelle Thomas  
Silvia Torres-Baker  
Apryle Vaughn  
Brenda Walker