Jam Harder...A&M Underground Dance Compilation

Stock Number
75021 5339
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1990
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Suzanne Vega/DNA 1 Tom's Diner 00:05:29
Seduction 2 Groove Me (Club Mix) 00:08:02
Overweight Pooch 3 Hip House Party 00:06:05
A Certain Ratio 4 Won't Stop Loving You (Summer Mix) 00:04:42
Jazzi P 5 Feel the Rhythm (Club Mix) 00:06:42
New Life 6 Got 2 B Free (Italo House Mix) 00:05:07
Steve Harvey 7 I'm the One (12" Vocal Mix) 00:07:02
L.A. Mix 8 Coming Back For More (Back Off Girl) (The Remix) 00:05:36
Jazzi P 9 Feel the Rhythm (The Tunnel Mix) 00:07:16
Steve Harvey 10 I'm the One (Vocal Dub) 00:09:55

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