Lords of the New Church

Miles Copeland approached Stiv Bator with the opportunity to form a new band with Brian James that would record for I.R.S. Records and be managed by Copeland. Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Terry Chimes of the Clash were recruited but were replaced by Nicky Turner and Dave Tregunna.

  1. The Righteous Sound of Stiv's Wild New Church. Roman Kozak. Billboard, October 16, 1982.
Recording Years / Label
1982-1985 -  I.R.S. Records
Official Biography .
Name Member Years Instruments
Brian James guitar, vocals
Dave Tregunna bass, vocals
Nick Turner drums, percussion, vocals
Stiv Bator vocals
Name Birth Death
Brian James 1961-02-18
Dave Tregunna
Nick Turner 1940-08-28
Stiv Bator 1949-10-22 1991-06-04
Name See associated acts
Brian James Brian James

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