AM:PM Records was a dance label imprint of A&M Records, Ltd. in Great Britain launched in 1994 under Simon Dunmore. DV8 Records, an affiliate of A&M Records in the United States, had the first option on releasing AM:PM's recordings in America. In June 1998, PolyGram, A&M's parent company, discussed moving AM:PM under Island Records and the label was deactivated. Effective January 1, 1999, AM:PM was no longer operated by A&M Records but had been reactivated under Universal. During its time under A&M Records, AM:PM produced 11 Top 40 hits in Great Britain including sales of over 500,000 copies each of Mousse T's song "Horny" and Ulta Nate's "Free."


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Thank you to all of the very talented members of the AM:PM Records family.

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