Billy Preston

Signed with A&M Records in July 1971.

"If I ever leave this business I want him to take over what I started."--Ray Charles (Billboard, August 14, 1971)

Billy Preston is the only American artist to share a billing with the Beatles. He met them while a member of Little Richard European gospel tour. The Beatles came backstage and the five started jamming. Billy became friends with the band, especially George Harrison.

Billy Preston won Billboard's No. 1 Award for the Top Single, Instrumentalist of 1972.

A&M Records congratulates Billy Preston & Carpenters for Billboard Awards


Preston's touring quartet in 1972 was George Johnson (pre Brothers Johnson) on guitar; Grady Manning on bass; Robert Sam on electric piano and Manuel Kellogg on drums.

In 1973 Billy went on tour with The Rolling Stones as both their opening act and as the Stones' keyboardist.

A&M supported I Wrote a Simple Song with a television ad campaign airing in Los Angeles. The ads were 30-seconds long and appeared on both local and national music and talk shows 54 times.

In 1973 Preston made a deal with A&M's Irving Music to administer his WEP Music catalog.


It's My Pleasure New Music On A&M Records
Billy Preston New Music On A&M Records
A Whole New Thing New Music On A&M Records
Ultimate Collection press release

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Recording Years / Label
1971-1978 -  A&M Records
keyboards, vocals
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