Signed with A&M Records in May 1973.  

In 1974, they recorded enough songs for an album. It was to be self-titled but was never released. An acetate of the album dated October 1, 1974 remains. The songs on the album were:

Laughing Eyes
Yesterday's Music
Love Will Make You Happy
Love Is the Way
What Good Is a Song
Laughter Forever After
Life Is Full Of Joy
Yes Jesus Loves You
Seek and Ye Shall Find

Recording Years / Label
1973-1974 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Billie Barnum 1973-1974 vocals
Carlena Williams 1973-1974 vocals
Clydie King 1973-1974 vocals
Venetta Fields 1973-1974 vocals
Name Birth Death
Billie Barnum
Carlena Williams 1942-02-25 2013-11-13
Clydie King 1943-08-21 2019-01-07
Venetta Fields
Name See associated acts
Billie Barnum Brothers & Sisters of L.A.
Clydie King Brothers & Sisters of L.A.Los Angeles Gospel Choir

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