Chris DeBurgh

Dave Margereson, head of A&R signed Chris DeBurgh to A&M Records, Ltd. in 1974. He was the only British act signed that year.

"I'm a very spontaneous writer...I get an idea and I take it in the direction that feels right. Writing songs for me is like doing a crossword puzzle. Usually I start with a line that comes out of nowhere and I just build on it. I enjoy the process but I find it very taxing. I believe that a creative person, whatever he or she does, can't rush things...When you rush, the creativity disappears and the quality suffers."--Chris DeBurgh, RPM October 23, 1976

Chris DeBurgh: Spanish Train Canada Award

Chris DeBurgh received an in-house award for his Spanish Train & Other Stories album in Montreal, Canada. J. P. Guilbert, Chris, Roger Hodgson and Donald K. Donald.


By 1978, Dave Margereson had left A&M to manage several of A&M's artists including DeBurgh. Margereson believed that it was important to elevate Chris to a headliner and increase the number of concerts. DeBurgh enjoyed success in Brazil, South Africa and Canada. 

Chris' first success came in Argentina where his single "Turning Round" quickly rose to No. 1 and stayed there for three months. It sold over 400,000 copies in South America selling 10,000 copies a week. 

Until his Eastern Wind album, Chris had only recorded in London and had not used an American producer.

In 1981, DeBurgh had five albums on the Norwegian charts.

In 1981, DeBurgh did a 14-city, 21-show tour of Canada. He sold out five shows in Montreal and two shows in Toronto. A&M believed the tour was responsible for making his newest album Best Moves sell 50,000 copies in five weeks and earn a gold record from CRIA. DeBurgh's back catalog sold another 20,000 copies.

A&M Canada was very supportive of DeBurgh. For "Don't Pay the Ferryman" J.P. Guilbert, National Director of Promotion, wanted radio station Q-107 to play the song. He chained himself in the station's lobby and sent the music director a note saying he wouldn't leave until they played it. J.P. spent two nights in the lobby and Q-107 played the song.

"The Lady in Red" was a No. 1 Hit in 15 countries in 1986. Its album Into the Light sold over two million copies internationally. In Canada, the single went platinum and the album was double platinum.

"The Lady in Red" single was originally released in the Fall of 1986. It got adult contemporary radio time but did not garner much airplay from top 40 radio. The record caught on in Boston and San Francisco.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson took Chris DeBurgh's "The Lady in Red" with them on their honeymoon.

"[The Lady In Red is] one of those songs that if you break the tune down, it's very simple, and I can tell you they are the very, very hardest to write...because the chances are that somebody else has already written it. But the sentiment works and it's the kind of sentiment that appeals to everybody. It's a direct statement from one person to another and that's another hard thing to do; offer a blueprint to Mr. and Mrs. Everyone that they can associate with. I think that's really part of art and I just got lucky. I hit the nail on the head."--Chris DeBurgh, RPM February 25, 1989

Chris DeBurgh with Montreal radio people

Chris DeBurgh visiting Montreal, Canada radio. Photo by Denys Short.



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