"I felt A&M would be supportive, and they loved my acts.
I felt this was the place that I could make my next step."
--Ric Wake (Billboard, June 1, 1996)

In September 1995 Billboard reported that A&M Records and Ric Wake Productions agreed to a three-year deal to start DV8 Records. Ric Wake would be the CEO of DV8 and also produce recordings for its artists. DV8 would be run from New York, NY where Wake had studios and DV8 would also have offices at A&M in Los Angeles. A&M would promote and market DV8 products through its arrangements with parent company PolyGram. DV8 planned to release about four albums per year. DV8 also had the first right to recordings from A&M's British imprint AM:PM.

The first recording was Cutie by Raw Stilo. It was released on October 10, 1995. Wake brought Billy Mann to the label with the deal with Mann's first album due in January 1996. Billy Porter's first single was placed with radio on June 9, 1997 and released to the public on July 15 with a supporting video clip. His album Untitled was released on August 12, 1997. He spent the Summer touring and was the opening act for the Sounds of Blackness. The Sounds of Blackness were signed to Perspective Records which was an A&M affiliated label.

In 1998, Wake won the Grammy for Producer of the Year.

Wake took DV8 to Sony in January 1999 just as Universal Music took over then closed A&M Records.


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www.dv8entertainment.com (defunct website)
Billboard. A&M Forms DV8 Records in Pact with Ric Wake. September 15, 1995.
Billboard. Porter Shits from Stage to Studio with DV8 Set. J. R. Reynolds. July 12, 1997.
DV8 Records employees