Vanessa Carlton

Ron Fair told USA Today, "[Vanessa Carlton] made a first record [The album title was Rinse.] that wasn't up to her potential," Fair says. "So we took an extra year and started from scratch. We still stick with artists we believe in."

Rinse had a track that was titled "Interlude." Fair reworked the song and its title was eventually changed to "A Thousand Miles." Fair told MTv the reason for the title change was that they lyric never mentioned the word interlude. 

"A Thousand Miles" first appeared on the Legally Blonde soundtrack in 1991, and in January 2002 the music video appeared on MTv. The CD single followed in February. The song was nominated for three Grammys. 


Artfully Dodging the Jinx. Elysa Gardner. USA Today, June 22, 2003.

Recording Years / Label
2002-2004 -  A&M Records
vocals, keyboards

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