Head East

A&M Records Canada held the "First Centennial Pancake Consuption Contest" in Toronto to promote Flat As a Pancake. The soundtrack for the contest was a tape of Head East urging the participants.

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Gettin' Lucky New Music On A&M Records 
Head East New Music On A&M Records 
Head East: A Different Kind Of Crazy 
20th Century Masters liner notes 
20th Century Masters press release
>Best Of Head East 20th Century Masters press release

Recording Years / Label
1975-1980 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Dan Birney 1977-1979 bass
Dan Odum 1980 percussion, vocals
John Schlitt 1977-1979 vocals
Mark Boatman 1980 bass, vocals
Mike Somerville 1977-1979 guitars, slide guitar, bass, vocals
Roger Boyd 1977-1980 organs, pianos, Moog, Mellotron, ARP, trumpet, melodica
Steve Huston 1977-1980 drums, percussion, vocals
Tony Gross 1980 guitar, vocals
Name Birth Death
Dan Birney
Dan Odum
John Schlitt 1950-02-03
Mark Boatman
Mike Somerville 1952-08-15 2020-02-28
Roger Boyd
Steve Huston 1949-11-17 2023-07-25
Tony Gross

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